Salem PTO makes donation to restore Accelerated Reader

salem-school-pto-check-8-2013The Salem PTO presented a donation of $6,574 to money Salem School Board this week.

The money will fund the Accelerated Reading Program and Star Reader Program for the school. The money came from from fundraising by the Salem PTO last year with donations from the Salem School community and local businesses that supported the PTO.

The Accelerated Reading Program was once utilized in the district, but it fell by the wayside during the time of serious budget cuts.

“It is wonderful to have such a supportive PTO and to have this program return to the school,” district administrator David Milz said.

Said board President Jack Niccolai “”You can’t go wrong with parents like this.”


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  1. Judy Kettner says:

    And this is why last week, as a Target guest passed through my checkout line, said she was new in town and they were looking for a place to live with the best schools in the area, I suggested maybe they’d like to venture out the county. I suggested she take a look at the school, and maybe contact them for a visit. We really have a great community that supports all our kids….Love it here!

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