Twin Lakes hires new assessor

The Twin Lakes Village Board contracted with a new assessor for the next three years at its regular board meeting Monday.

The new contract with Accurate Appraisal will have a yearly rate of $49,500.

“They were not the cheapest option, but the best value and the committee was impressed with their experience so they were recommended to the board for consideration and approval,” said village administrator Jennifer Pollitt.

The village had been a founding member of a consortium of local municipalities led by Pleasant Prairie that formed to perform assessing duties 18 years ago when county assessing ended.

Trustee Kevin Fitzgerald said he was somewhat uncomfortable about leaving the consortium, given the village’s history with it but that the time had come.

“I kind of felt guilty about going away from something we helped to start,” Fitzgerald said, adding that consortium representatives were unresponsive to Twin Lakes concerns about cost.

The cost for assessing services by the consortium for 2014 would have been $93,669, said Pollitt.

The assessor handles determining official property values and the review and appeal process.


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