Sheriff’s Dept. Taser demo at 2013 Kenosha County Fair

The Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department had a large display area at the Kenosha County Fair all week. You could pick up info, look over some equipment and even challenge a deputy to a game of baggo.

Each day, deputies also put on a special demonstration, including the department’s new armored vehicle, the K9 unit and the bomb squad.

On Sunday, the demonstration was the use of Tasers. These device allow deputies to gain control over uncooperative suspects. The Taser shoots two electrical leads into a person that can then incapacitate that person’s muscles for five seconds, usually enough time to get the person under control. A deputy can also administer additional 5 seconds of charges if necessary.

Deputies demonstrated the Taser process with a volunteer sheriff’s department intern:


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  1. Marjorie says:

    Who won the Sheriff Golf Cart in the drawing?

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