Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department participating in Alcohol Crackdown

kcsd-doorThe Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department released the following statement regarding the statewide Alcohol Crackdown campaign:

To decrease drunk driving and increase highway safety, the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department is participating in the statewide Alcohol Crackdown campaign. This additional effort to catch drunk drivers runs from August 16 through September 2 (Labor Day Weekend). “Drunk drivers put the lives and safety of our community members at risk. People need to know that if they have had too much to drink, they must make a better choice than to get behind the wheel,” says Sheriff David Beth. “Folks who have been drinking should phone a friend, or stay put instead, of driving their car. If they choose to drive, they are going to get caught,” Sheriff Beth said. The Sheriff’s Department received a federal grant, administered by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, to fund additional enforcement of drunk driving violations in order to help ensure the safety of the motoring public in Kenosha County.


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