Twin Lakes Park Commission meeting recap

The Village of Twin Lakes Park Commission met earlier this evening.  Topics of discussion are summarized below:

  • Pat Kail was elected chairman; Chad Dunn was elected Secretary.  (Dunn was not present at tonight’s meeting.)  It was stated that a vice chairman was not needed.
  • June and July bills were reviewed and approved.
  • Village Administrator Jennifer Pollitt reported that the grand opening of the Legion Park skateboard park went well.  There was a good crowd, including 30 – 50 kids.  Century donated the food, and SAS Graphics donated the rules sign.  A “no bikes allowed” sign was put up.  It was clarified that scooters and skateboards are allowed.
  • Tom Calkins felt that the rails should be bolted down because they are easy to steal.  Police officers do lock the park at night and open it in the morning.  Extra police monitoring has been added recently as well.  The commission unanimously approved the motion to lock down the rails.
  • Tom Calkins also asked about the signs for the fence.  It was reported that the Subway sign had the wrong phone number on it, but that has now been corrected, according to the rep from Wilmot Feeders.
  • An update was given on Lance Park.  The concession stand is open, rent payments are current, and the screens are in.  Now, hot dogs are being served.  The Health Department found no violations.  Security cameras have been installed, but they are not yet operational.  Pollitt is working through a funding issue regarding the cameras.  An audience member said that “it’s intimidating just to know that they’re there.”
  • The bait vending machine is now operational.  Pollitt reported that they are adding a sticker to the machine informing users of the contact information of who to call in case there are any issues with the machine.
  • An update was also given on the “Movies in the Park.”  Great attendance has been noted.  Pollitt requested the assistance of the park commission members for this Friday’s movie, which is “Madagascar 3.”  Help is needed to set up and take down and monitor the movie as it’s being shown.  The movie starts around 8:30 pm.
  • Complaints have been received about the native plants growing in front of the amphitheater.  These have been placed there to stop shoreline erosion, even though most people think they look like weeds.  An audience member suggested an educational kiosk to help people understand more about this.  Tom Calkins stated that there is an ordinance that the Park Board doesn’t have jurisdiction on the shoreline, including 15 feet back.  Anything regarding the shoreline needs to be referred to the Shoreline Protection Commission.  Pollitt stated that there is an old, glass-paneled bulletin board that could be used for this purpose.  The Commission liked the idea of the educational kiosk.
  • A representative from Wilmot Feeders reported about their Second Annual Pig Roast, coming up on August 10th, at Legion Hall, from 2 pm to 12 am.  A special board meeting is being held on Monday night to approve the event.  The rep reported that, this year, all alcohol is being donated.  Therefore, they will not be selling alcohol; they will be asking for donations.  The rep thought, therefore, that no liquor license would be needed.  But, unbeknownst to him, Pollitt said that a liquor license application had already been submitted for the event.  A bean bag tournament and bounce houses will be part of the event from 2 pm to 5 pm.  They are still working on getting a band, but they will, at least, have a DJ.  They are requesting music until midnight at the latest.  Calkins stated that he thought they will do better with donations for drinks rather than charging for them.
  • The Wilmot Feeders rep also talked about dugouts.  They want to build dugouts on both sides.  Home Depot is donating the materials.  What materials get donated will determine what kind of structure and roofing will be constructed.  The Commission had no problem with this; they thought it would be yet another improvement for the park.  “The park is looking the best it has in years,” stated one of the commission members.  They’d also like to construct a batting cage eventually.  The place that was suggested for the cage was the tennis courts.  The Wilmot Feeders rep tried giving the commission members $10 tickets for the pig roast, but the members said that they could not accept the tickets.  They did thank the rep, though.
  • The only new business item was to review the three quotes for the fence entry way at Skateboard Park.  The proposal was for a zig zag entry, seven feet high, which includes fencing around a pivot pole.  This will add to the security of the park.  The three quotes were $1,170, $1,630, and $2,370.  The Commission unanimously approved going with the lowest quote, which came from Aluminum Fence Corporation, in Kenosha.  The cost is not to exceed $1,200.
  • Future agenda items include a BMX track near the park, and painting the fence by the tennis court.

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