Silver Lake downtown development subject of Tuesday meeting

downtown-silver-lake-lake-streetHow to bring more businesses back to downtown Silver Lake will be the subject of a special Silver Lake Economic Development Committee of the Whole meeting Tuesday.

The meeting will start at 4:30 p.m. at Village Hall.

Trustee Soti Wilber, chairman of the Economic Development Committee, said the meeting will start with a presentation by James Engle from the state’s Main Street Program. Then the meeting will continue with a tour of downtown (Lake Street) and end with questions and answers.

Wilber said representatives of several local and regional economic development organizations recommended Engle as a a starting point.

“I am hoping that he can give us a starting point on how to improve/update downtown and how to draw in some business,” Wilber said. “Then we will see what he says and go from there. I’m very hopeful he will be able to help us.

The meeting is open to the public.



  1. Bernard Punsley says:

    Wow! “So So Soti”, who virtually IGNORED EVERY recommendation made by the Ad hoc committee, to upgrade fire and rescue sevices in the village, now wants to bring in “consultants” to try and “upgrade” downtown Silver Lake. Hilarious. Make sure you get rid of the feral cats first!!!! Make sure the consultant and prospective business owners know that shortly, they will not have a fire department due to the village’s failure to provide ecomonic substenance. Wonder what THAT will do for their insurance premiums. Not to worry. SLRS will take over fire protection duties. The beat goes on!!!

  2. sandy says:

    Wow, Bernard you sure like to make comments and accusations, but where are you with your recommendations and your suggestions. All I see is negative comments from you. And how do you know that she ignored all the recommendations??? Do you recall how she voted??? You just make up stuff to put out bad information and stir the pot. I think you need to come to a meeting and show your face and come up with some ideas of your own, instead of tearing apart everyone else’s!!! Or better yet, why don’t you run for the board next time and fix everything with your magic wand, because obviously that is how you think things are done and that you can do a better job. BTW, everyone knows there is no Bernard Punsley, why don’t you put out your comments under your real name and act llike an adult!!!

  3. maureen says:

    i for one would come to silver lake more often if i did not fear that i was going to be pulled over by the police for some idiotic reason. me and my entire family steer clear, they are unkind to the kids and adults alike. maybe some training would be in order.
    they literally make my heart race when i have done NOTHING wrong… i am 48, i can’t imagine how the kids feel…

  4. Bernard Punsley says:

    Sandy….I took the liberty of reading my past west of the I postings. I’ll freely admit to “making comments and allegations”….even negative ones. But I can’t take full responsibility for that….it’s in our drinking water out here in Silver Lake. How do I know where So So Soti stands on saving the SL Fire Department? All of her votes are in the minutes of the meetings, posted on the village website. As for my previous posting that obviously has rankled you: 1.Soti ignored Ad Hoc Committee recommendations 2.She DID bring in consultants to try and upgrade downtown Silver Lake….so far, cost is $200. 3. Feral cats ARE a problem in the village. Even SLPD Chief agrees. 4. Homeowners’ insurance rates WILL increase if /when SLFD goes out of business. 5. SLRS DID make a suggestion they could take over and run the fire department. Former Trustee Dave Snow even suggested SLFD was not needed, his house could burn down because he had homeowners insurance. 6.Current Trustee Mike Decker made a comment that
    “private corporations”(aka SLRS) to a better job of running a business that
    “government entities”. So feel free to point out any inaccuracies in this posting.
    And to your comment “everyone knows there is no Bernard Punsley”…..have you been talking to a lot of folks? I can assure you that Bernard is alive and well, and has a keen insight into the pulse of the village. If that is upsetting some folks, perhaps they should refrain from reading my posts. “Self censor” themselves. In the meantime, BP will continue to keep an eye on the happenings within our community. Stay tuned.

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