Eagle Scouts welcome six new members

This past Saturday afternoon at approximately 2:30 PM, in the Wilmot High School Auditorium, Troop 380 inducted six of its Boy Scouts into the highest rank that exists in Boy Scouting.  Dakota Carmer, Bodey Kaskin, John Lass, Arthur Sommers, Stephen Squires, and Michael Walker were bestowed the rank of Eagle Scout for their years of hard work and dedication, which included each boy rising to the rank of Life Scout and then taking on their own Eagle Scout Project.

The Eagle Scout Project is an effort given by every potential Eagle Scout which involves bettering his community by undertaking a project, which can be anything from constructing park benches to directing a middle school jazz band.  After he completes this self-assigned project, the Scout must then have completed all his required Merit Badges, including badges like Emergency Preparedness, First Aid, and Citizenship in the World, and must be able to present himself to a Board of Review, where he is given a final test of his merits.  If he succeeds, as the boys from 380 did, then he is granted the rank of Eagle Scout.

The boys receiving their Eagle Scout pins

The boys receiving their Eagle Scout pins

After an opening ceremony that consisted of a presentation of the colors and the Pledge of Allegiance, State Representative Samantha Kerkman presented each boy with his Eagle Scout certification in addition to recognizing each boy’s Eagle Scout Project.  The formal Eagle Scout ceremony involved a replacement of the Scout neckerchiefs, to be replaced by an official Eagle Scout neckerchief, in addition to Eagle Scout-specific pins to be placed on the boys’ parents as well as their mentors. These mentors are individuals who the boys name as their primary motivator through their years of Scouting, without whom this day would not have happened.

At the end of the ceremony, Scoutmaster Cliff Carmer gave a closing speech during which he expressed his unending admiration for all six boys to have come so far on their journey and his deepest pride in each of them, calling it “the proudest moment of [his] life.”

State Representative Samantha Kerkman has attended several Courts of Honor in the past, and Troop 380’s had the single largest number of Eagle Scouts that she had ever seen.  Only approximately two percent of boys who initially enter Boy Scouts make it all the way to the rank of Eagle, and to see so many reach that goal at once is a very rare opportunity, Kerkman stated.

Below are pictures of the boys’ various merits and awards they have been granted over their career in Scouting:

Dakota Carmer's Scouting History

Dakota Carmer’s Scouting History

Michael Walker's Scout History

Michael Walker’s Scouting History

Stephen Squires' Scouting History
Stephen Squires’ Scouting History

Charlie Sommers' Scouting History

Charlie Sommers’ Scouting History

John Lass' Scouting History

John Lass’ Scouting History

Bodey Kaskin's Scouting History

Bodey Kaskin’s Scouting History



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