Lakeside Park beach closed due to water tests

lakeside-beach-powers-lakeLakeside Park beach on Powers Lake has been closed for swimming due to a water test with high E. coli levels, Park Board President Gerry VanderZee announced at Thursday’s Randall  Town Board meeting.

The beach will remain closed until the water tests for below 1,000 cfu/100mls of harmful bacteria. Town Chairman Bob Stoll said the testing is administered by the Powers Lake Management.

Stoll said he believed the water will be tested daily until a lower result is achieved. When the water is safe for swimming again, the posting at the beach will be taken down.


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  1. M Lingner says:

    Can you please inform us what is being done regarding the E. coli testing, and treatment on Powers Lake?

    Also, is the E. coli level high only in the area of testing, or throughout the entire lake?

    We are residents of the lake and we were only just notified of this issue yesterday, while our young children and guests have been swimming in the lake all week.

    Can you please advise on the status of the bacteria levels, and if we can swim in other areas of the lake, specifically the south end in Powers Lake Bay.


    Mike Lingner
    Powers Lake Resident

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