Silver Lake to consider paramedic bids at special meeting Wednesday

silver-lake-VHThe Silver Lake Village Board will consider bids for paramedic emergency medical service at a special meeting starting at 7 p.m., Wednesday at Riverview School.

The board opened the bids for the first time at the regular Village Board meeting last Wednesday. Village President Sue Gerber said she did not believe there was sufficient time to also make a decision that night and the matter was tabled.

The bidders are: Medix/Curtis, Antioch Rescue Squad and Silver Lake Rescue Squad Inc.

Last week’s meeting almost didn’t happen as the board room was over safe capacity (57 people). Eventually enough people left or watched the meeting from the hall to allow the meeting to proceed. That audience interest likely prompted the venue change to the school for Wednesday’s meeting.

The search for EMS service is prompted by the Salem Town Board’s lack of action on an agreement for Salem Fire/Rescue to provide emergency medical services to the village, with Silver Lake Fire Department firefighters acting as first responders. That arrangement, approved by the Silver Lake Village Board in March, was the result of  over a year’s worth of discussion of options. It also meant the village would not be contracting for EMS with Silver Lake Rescue Squad Inc. for the first time in over 30 years. Money saved by not contracting with Silver Lake Rescue was earmarked to pay for staffing the fire department.


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  1. Bernard Punsley says:

    “Mudslinging Sue” better bring her “industrial strength” gavel with her to the meeting. Riverview School maintenance staff might want to consider adding an additional coat of wax to the gym floor,,,there will be a “gnashing of teeth” and “wailing of tears” from the “Save Silver Lake Rescue/We Don’t Need Paramedics” naysayers that could cause the gym floor to buckle up from all the salty water. “Flip Flop” Barb will probably need to wear a cervical support collar to the meeting, her head is going to be spinning trying to placate everyone. I find it ironic that the meeting will start with everyone standing, facing the flag, and saying the “Pledge of Allegiance”, and then the meeting will quickly deteriorate into a shouting match. “One Nation, Under God, Indivisible”, EXCEPT in Silver Lake”.

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