Salem awards bid for road repairs to Payne & Dolan

road-workAt tonight’s Town of Salem Board of Supervisors regular board meeting which was held earlier this evening, the board unanimously approved the bid award for the 2013 Town Road Rehabilitation Project to Payne & Dolan, Inc.  The base bid total was $1,355,998.75.  The only other bidder, Stark Asphalt, came in with a lower bid of $1,281,488.95.

The two bids were opened last week, on July 2nd.  Back in April, the board approved $3 million to be spent over a two-year period on 9 to 10 miles of Salem’s roadways.  Maps were distributed to the supervisors of the areas which were chosen and prioritized for this year’s work.  After April, paving, drainage work and repairs were reviewed.  The town plans on performing the underground work first.  In early June, the work was sent out for bid.  It took three to four weeks for the bidding process, and the two bidders aforementioned returned the only two bids for drainage and paving work, and also sanitary sewer work.

The work was broken down into four elements, A, B, C, and D.  The two bidders’ cost estimates for each of the four elements were:

‘   A        B        C         D

$350K   $34K   $136K   $311K           Payne & Dolan, Inc.

$297K   $31K   $111K   $816K           Stark Asphalt

Element D consisted of the sanitary sewer work.  Almost six miles (5.8 miles) is scheduled to be done this year, at a cost of $2 million.  Any leftover money will be transferred to the 2014 program.

Mike Murdoch, highway administrator, commented that the only reason they didn’t do Salem Oaks was that the sanitary work was needed first.  Patrick Casey, town administrator, said that the 2014 work would be reviewed starting in the next few weeks.  The plan is to bid this work out in December/January in order to obtain the best prices.  They will then be able to see how much work they can afford to do.  Casey said that “this will be a big challenge, the sanitary and storm sewer work.  In September/October, the board will see the plan with preliminary estimates in the $600K range.  This will be a major undertaking,” he said.

Supervisor Dennis Faber asked why Payne & Dolan were chosen.  He said that the sanitary sewer scope work in Element D doesn’t make sense to do.  It will be a comprehensive scope of work moving forward.

Supervisor Dan Campion also commented on the $500K difference in Element D between the two bidders.  Possible reasons given for the difference included subcontractor differences (union vs. non-union), subtle feedback on the June work being bid, climate, the lost time due to spring rains, ground water caving in, etc.  It was felt that it was not wise to rebid the separate work.  Therefore, it was decided to just go with Payne & Dolan.  Casey said that they are confident in Payne & Dolan’s work.  “They are familiar with the area, soil, etc.  The $500K additional is inexplicable at this point.  They are probably just covering their contingencies,” he said.

Supervisor Mike Culat said that he was “astonished.”  He said that he felt that it was done right, and that it was “exciting.”  Faber said that it was “exciting and affordable.”  Town board chairman Diann Tesar said that “we need to jump on it.  We’ll be good for the next couple of years.”

Faber said that the $3 million was the estimate for the road construction.  “The state tells us how much we can raise the tax levy.  With the new garbage company, we have the opportunity for some savings, which can then be put to use in our roads program.”

All were in favor of the bid award.






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  1. david thoss says:

    just curious, is Salem Oaks being fixed? My father in law lives in that area and the roads are circa 1980, its embarrassingly bad the street he lives on. thanks for any feedback.

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