Sheriff’s Department intensifying traffic safety enforcement through July 17

kcsd-doorThe Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department is participating in an intensified traffic safety enforcement effort through July 17.

From a statement released by the department Wednesday:

To decrease speeding and increase safety belt use, the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department will intensify its traffic safety enforcement efforts during the Summer Heat campaign from July 1 to 17. “With more officers patrolling, for longer hours during the Summer Heat campaign, we are striving to get drivers to comply voluntarily with the posted speed limits and to buckle up,” says Sheriff David Beth. “Our goal is not to issue more traffic citations. Our goal is to reduce the number of traffic deaths in Kenosha County. If people traveling in our county refuse to comply with speed limits and safety belt use, deputies will not hesitate to take appropriate enforcement action.” According to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, speeding is prevalent and deadly on roadways throughout the state. During the last five years, speed-related crashes on average have killed hundreds of people and injured thousands annually. There were hundreds of thousands of speeding convictions in Wisconsin last year. There also were over 100,000 convictions last year for failure to fasten safety belts. In Wisconsin, about one out of five motorists does not buckle up. This directly leads to injuries sustained in traffic crashes. The Sheriff’s Department received a federal grant, administered by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, to fund additional enforcement of traffic violations in order to help ensure the safety of our motoring public.


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  1. Matt says:

    When will they begin to require motorcyclists to wear helmets too? Or, is it that motorcycle groups voice opposition? If that’s the case, I shouldn’t have to wear a seatbelt.

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