The British (were) coming!

Note: Above video by Earlene Frederick. It includes interviews with re-enactors and plenty of sights and sounds from the weekend. The next best thing to being there!

The sons and daughters of the American Revolution lived once again this past Saturday and Sunday during the North West Territory Alliance’s Revolutionary War Reenactment at Fox River County Park.

Dubbed the “Rebels and Redcoats,” the reenactment featured both the British and the Congressional forces of the American Revolution, as well as additional numbers including the Loyalists and Germans sympathetic to the British cause.

Each day, from 10 o’clock to 4 o’clock, the participants of the North West Territory Alliance displayed many facets of the Revolutionary War, with commentary given over loudspeakers to clearly explain what was occurring.  Both days started with a raising of the colors and ended with a large-scale battle that reenacted what a typical scene between the British and the Colonials would look like.  Canons and gunfire were prominently featured to give the public an authentic feel for what it would have sounded like to be there in the middle of the war.

The two opposing camps were situated at the east and west ends of the park, with a market section separating the two.  Public attendees were invited to freely walk among both the Redcoat and Rebel camps, with members of the North West Territory Alliance standing nearby in full revolutionary war attire, ready to answer any questions that might be asked of them.

In addition to the battle, the reenactment had events that included an artillery demonstration, a tomahawk competition, a tea protest, and even a civilian fashion show.

Public admission came at no cost and Troop 381 provided concessions.

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