Sheriff’s Department to join in National Boating Under the Influence enforcement effort

kcsd-doorThe Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department has released the following statement regarding the upcoming National Boating Under the Influence enforcement effort:

The Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department will join with other law enforcement agencies participating in a National Boating Under the Influence enforcement effort June 28-30. In an effort to bring attention to, and curb boating under the influence of alcohol or drugs, the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department will be conducting patrols on Lake Michigan and inland lakes within Kenosha County during this time. Sheriff Beth, who is an avid boater, personal water craft operator and water skier, said, “I would like to insure a great time for everyone enjoying the lakes of Kenosha County. One intoxicated boater can bring tragedy to a time of fun in the sun. Intoxicated boaters can harm themselves, passengers, or water skiers.” Many people enjoy Kenosha County’s lakes during the summer months and it is important that boat drivers are paying attention to their surroundings. That is why deputies will be patrolling the waters. The Sheriff’s Department receives an 80% reimbursement from the Wisconsin DNR for their enforcement efforts, which makes enforcement more cost effective for Kenosha County residents. Boating under the Influence has caused serious injuries in Kenosha County in the past. We would like the boating season this summer to be safer than ever.



  1. Against DUI's says:

    Honestly, they need to do daily patrols for drunk boaters. I can’t understand why I can’t bring a cooler in my car filled with beer and drive around town drinking with the cooler next to me, yet boaters are free to do that? I think there must be a secret boating association that pays off the senate and congress so that they don’t pass a law. They NEED a law! And, they need more law enforcement. Where do they come up with the money for more law enforcement? Start taking the welfare checks and food stamps away from those who really don’t need it!

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