Salem ISO rating improves

salem-fd-door-2012The Town of Salem Fire/Rescue Department has made the following announcement regarding ISO ratings:

The Town of Salem Fire and Rescue Department is proud to announce that as of June 1 we have been awarded an ISO PPC Rating of Class 6 (Class 10 if you live more than five road miles from any Town of Salem fire station). The Insurance Service Organization (ISO) evaluates and assesses fire protection in municipalities and applies a Public Protection Classification (PPC) for your local fire department. ISO analyses data on fire protection divided into three areas: the Fire Department (50%), the Water Supply System (40%), and Communications (10%). The numbers generated are like a grading system from Class 1 (most desirable) to Class 10 (least desirable). ISO believes that a community’s investment in fire mitigation is a proven and reliable predictor of future fire losses. Prior to being evaluated last fall the ISO rating for our residents was Class 7 if you lived 5 driving miles from the fire station on Hwy 83 and Class 9 if you did not. What does this mean to you? Insurance companies utilize this classification to help establish fair premiums for fire insurance. It is estimated that an average savings of around 25-35% can be expected with the change in rating from Class 9 to Class 6. Please check with your insurance carrier, to discuss our new ISO rating and see what kind of a difference it can make for you. The Town of Salem Fire and Rescue Department takes great pride in the announcement of this achievement and in exceeding this higher level of expectation in our response area.


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  1. State Farm Customer says:

    Just wanted to post the response I received from State Farm Insurance. I sent the above information to my agent and they sent it to corporate. This is what I got back.

    “We receive this question on a fairly regular basis as fire departments make changes, build new stations, etc. These changes don’t directly impact the premium rates State Farm charges for homeowners. We have a zone/grid rating process that takes into account the claim experience for geographic areas. That is just one of many variables that go into the rating process. Indirectly, if a geographic area has seen changes made to their fire services, over time the changes may be reflected positively in the claim experience for that area. In summary, your client won’t see an immediate change in their premium as a result of the fire department ISO rating change.”

    Well Mr. Slover, ( this is not a criticism) I guess while you made it better it won’t relate into any savings for me. From what I understand from the above reply, since you guys are already good at what you do, being a little faster and a little better probably won’t get me diddily squat from State Farm.

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