MYSO welcomes Ella Harper-Schiehl as new member

Ella Harper-Schiehl

Ella Harper-Schiehl

The Junior Wind Ensemble with the Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra will be welcoming a new addition to its lineup with Double French Horn musician Ella Harper-Schiehl of Riverview School in Silver Lake.

Ella, 12, and just out of sixth grade, first auditioned for the Junior Wind Ensemble on Thursday, May 30.  During the audition, Ella was required to play a piece of her choosing – “Romance” by Camille Saint-Saens – as well as sight reading new material put in front of her in addition to reciting several musical scales.  After the ten-minute audition, a hopeful but realistic Ella emerged feeling as though she had done her best, giving her performance a “B” overall.

Later, on Friday, June 7th, her last day of school before the summer started, Ella received her letter of congratulations.   Ella has always been a dedicated musician, a passion recognized by Riverview’s Band Director and friend Randy Rovik.  After seeing her potential with the traditional French Horn, which she started using in the fifth grade, Mr. Rovik recommended that Ella’s talents be put to use with the more complicated Double French Horn.  As her talent continued to grow, Mr. Rovik recommended Ella to a private instructor named Adam Maegaard, who in turn suggested that Ella perform “Romance” for her audition to the Junior Wind Ensemble.   Adam was initially concerned that Ella would be attempting to “climb Mount Everest with only two weeks training,” but eventually, after much practice and preparation, Ella performed “Romance” in front of Adam three days before the audition.  He was astounded at how quickly she had mastered the piece, and his confidence in her in turn increased her own confidence in getting the part with the Junior Wind Ensemble.

Rehearsals for the Junior Wind Ensemble begin September 5th and run in tandem with the school year.


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