EW Richter Court slated to become public right of way


The Twin Lakes Village Board has inherited a 57-year-old problem and are scratching their collective heads on the best way to determine whether or not East-West Richter Court is a public right of way, and whether no parking signs can be erected.

Residents Tom Richter and Gary Katunas want no-parking signs to allow access to their properties, as they believe that EW Richter Court was designated a public right of way over five decades ago. However, because official documents are inconclusive as to whether the street was condemned and reverted to a public right of way, or remained private, individuals are parking along the road, and blocking access to private residences.

While a 1945 plat labels EW Richter as a private way, there are indications in 1956 official Village documents that efforts to acquire the property by eminent domain were in action. The Village signed an agreement that NS Richter Court, Basset Street and EW Richter would become public in the eminent domain action, but no official records prove that this legally transpired.

If that is the case, said Katunas,’Then all of these streets are public or all have remained private.”

After a lengthy discussion on the Village’s ability to legally post no-parking signs on EW Richter Court, and whether the concrete staircase could eventually be removed, the board decided to present a motion to confirm the property a public right of way and install no parking signs.

The resolution will be mailed to the 10 property owners affected by this motion to give them ample notice to appear at the July Village Board meeting and formal action will follow.


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