Silver Lake Board accepting letters of intent to fill vacancy

Ballot BoxIt was decided at this evening’s Silver Lake Board meeting to accept letters of intent to fill the trustee vacancy.  Board President Sue Gerber said that she thought that was the only fair way to do it.  She then stated that three options would be presented to the board, then the Board would make the decision.

Trustee Pat Dunn said that he felt that the board should see all of the letters submitted.  A question came from the audience, “Why not back to the ballot?  Why not let it go to those who ran before?”

Gerber said that it was because last year was an election year.  They could go back to the ballot, and give it to the next person in line.  Lori Starkey said that that was why she stepped up with a letter of intent.  She also believes that it should go back to the ballot first.

An official notification will be published in the Kenosha News.  Letters need to be submitted to the village office by the close of business on Monday, July 1st.  At the meeting on July 3rd, the letters will be reviewed by the board.  Trustee Cyndy Schwebke asked if copies of the letters would be available for the board to review before the meeting, and Gerber said that Clerk-Treasurer Terry Faber would be able to comply with that request.  Those submitting letters would also be required to be in attendance at the July 3rd meeting for any questions that might arise.



  1. Bernard Punsley says:

    Sue Gerber tried to pull a fast one…..suggesting Silver Lake to things “the Paddock Lake way”….accept letters of intent, then SHE would present 3 candidates to the whole board for consideration. Nice try Sue, trying to “cherry pick” the candidates to spoon feed to the board. Pat Dunn was all over that slick move. If 10 residents submit letters of intent, one would presume each one has an interest in serving on the board. Why not give the entire board the opportunity to review all 10 letters of intent and let them make an informed decision? Why would Sue think SHE should get to pick the 3 for the board to consider? Could it be “good ol’ Boy(Gal) politics? Nah…not in Silver Lake. She was gonna end all of that with her election. Once again, she tried to bully the board and got SMACKED! Her leadership skills are woefully lacking, that’s painfully obvious. She can smack that gavel all she wants, nobody’s listening to her!

  2. sandy says:

    @Bernard she also has been ranting and raving about how the mudslinging has to stop, yet she makes accusations at the meeting based on her “feelings”. What is that??? Is that not the same thing??? I guess she thinks everyone else on the board is a bunch of idiots!!! And yes, she has NO more voting rights than anyone else on the board. She can suggest all day long of what she wants, but the way this board is setup, that everything must be done and voted on by a majority of the board. So she only gets one vote like everyone else. Her job as president is to preside over the meetings, and assign committees. So I don’t know why she thinks she should have all the power, but apparently, the board knows the rules and isn’t allowing her to try to pass thru her own agenda. Also, since she has been CONVICTED of an ethics violation already, shouldn’t she be abstaining and not involved in the talks about all of this stuff too???

  3. Bernard Punsley says:

    The “Queen” can smack her gavel all she one is listening! Kind of reminds me of “the Emperor has no clothes on” metaphor. 3 months into her presidency, she’s already a lame duck. “Flip Flop” Barb doesn’t’ want any “good ol’ boy politics” to prevail….guess she wasn’t paying attention when SLRS masterminded the move to dump Albrecht and Wilber and slide the Mudslinger over a couple of seats into the president’s chair, and replace her with Ironside. Once Rescue “burns” Ironside a few more times, she’ll catch on. Maybe. She’s so concerned about how SLFD operates…..why doesn’t she review SLRS revenue sheets and see what this is REALLY about. The same SLRS that is now “scrambling” to provide paramedic level services(that they claim Silver Lake does not need or want). SLRS doesn’t want to give up the purse strings…that’s what this has been about from the start. Whoever the new board member is, once they review the bids that will be submitted for providing paramedic level services in Silver Lake, and put them up against what SLRS is charging the village for minimal EMS services, they would be hard pressed to see things “Sue’s Way”. Put up all the yard signs you want, folks, Fire Department based EMS/Paramedic service is coming to Silver Lake. To quote Martha Stewart
    “That’s a GOOD thing”. Stay tuned.

  4. Pat Wilson says:

    To Bernard Punsley ( Jeff Albrech). You really need to get a life. This ranting and constant MUDSLINGING is really most of the problem. Please read a book or pray or volunteer somewhere!!!!!

  5. jenn says:

    You have 100% proof that’s jeff or is bernard just a concerned citizen who gives a good god damn abouth this village? ?

  6. sandy says:

    @Pat Wilson. You should practice what you preach!!! You have done your fair share of calling people out without knowing all the facts. Only going by what you are told, by I will assume, the “old board”. Get your facts straight before you start ranting and raving about someone else.

  7. Pat Wilson says:

    To: Sandy & Jenn, Did I strike a nerve????

  8. sandy says:

    To Pat: No you have not. You seem to think that it is ok for your to slam everyone and anyone without getting your facts straight. I just think someone needed to point out to you that name calling and finger pointing is not productive. I think that maybe you are the one that we struck a nerve with???

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