Deputy responding to dog along Highway 50

Photo by kconnors via

Photo by kconnors via

At about 11:25 a.m., a sheriff’s deputy is responding to a report of dog loose along Highway 50 in Wheatland.

The dog was reported in the median of Highway 50 near Highway W-north (328th Avenue). The dog was described as a brown pit bull type with spots.

UPDATE 11:36 a.m. — Area checked, but dog not found, deputy reports to dispatch.



  1. bernie zeman says:

    I saw a pitbull on 50 after leaving work from grand geneva around 3:40 pm today going east on 50 .I thought it was strange because it was not at the end of a driveway bit seemed to be stray

  2. bernie zeman says:

    It was tan spots not brown

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