Silver Lake facing costly sewer repairs

park-street-and-3rd-4th-and-5th-streets-in-silver-lakeSilver Lake is facing costly repairs to the village’s storm sewer system, which is blocked or collapsing in several places.

The village’s engineer recently surveyed the entire system and identified areas in need of repair.

The most urgent repairs are at Park and Third, Fourth and Fifth Streets. These repairs are estimated by the engineer to cost about $292,000, said Trustee Barbara Ironside at Wednesday’s Village Board meeting.

In total, the village is facing about $500,000 in repairs.

Ironside said some of the repairs can no longer wait. Some people may experience sewer back-up during heavy rain events if repairs are not made.

“If they are clogged or collapsing we need to fix them,” Ironside said. She moved that the board seek bids for the most urgent work at Park and Third, Fourth and Fifth streets . That was approved unanimously, with Trustee Pat Dunn absent.

The board did not discuss in detail how to pay for the work. The storm sewer outlay account has about $140,000 in it, but that money cannot be all used in case there are other emergencies, Ironside said.




  1. Bernard Punsley says:

    Imagine having to pay “engineering fees” for sewer repair work. Maybe public works should run a “baggo tournament” or raffle off a “Weekend In Silver Lake” vacation package to help underwrite sewer repair services. That’s pretty much what SLFD has to do to run their woefully underfunded operation. Maybe get the engineering firm to help flip the burgers and brats? Now THAT is thinking “outside the box”!

  2. sandy says:

    @Bernard you might be on to something here!!! I would love to see any one of the maint dept put in extra time without having to get overtime for it!!! Why doesn’t someone suggested that to Sue since she is in charge of the Maint Dept???

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