Units responding for burning in Paris

Photo by kconnors via morgueFile.com

Photo by kconnors via morgueFile.com

At 9:10 p.m., Paris Fire and Rescue units are responding to a report of burning in the 13300 block of Highway N in Paris.

Dispatch identified it as a bonfire.

UPDATE 9:14 p.m. — Fire chief on the scene says no deputy needed.


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  1. Northwestern Mike says:

    With all these reports of burning violations does anyone believe there needs to be a better answer then the current burn permit setup? I do. There should be a way to call dispatch and say I am doing a burn at such an address and get on with the burn. Just look at all the stories for burn violations. I needed to get a burn permit for a spring cleanup that took two days of burning. The burn permit process went well, but I kept asking myself I live in the county why should I even need a permit. It’s just plain NUTS!!

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