Salem to consider land purchase at special meeting

town-of-salem-sign-webThe Salem Town Board will hold a special meeting Tuesday, May 28 starting at 4 p.m. to consider the purchase of 27 acres of land.

The meeting will start with a closed session and then reconvene in to open session for “possible discussion, action or announcement relative” to the information from the closed session.

Town Clerk Cindi Ernest distributed the announcement of the meeting today.



  1. Dave Schultz says:

    Really, a tease of info. Where is the property located ? Salem encompasses a large area. Specifics please.

  2. that is the fault of the TOWN agenda maker. says:

    that is the fault of the TOWN agenda maker.

    But it is the acreage to the south of the town hall…

    Problem with this is that the property was destined for residential and neighborhood business and worth about 5million in the final… The taxes on this 5 million will not be covered by US … forever…

    The money to purchase will reduce the PARKS FUND to nearly zero so we can kiss good bye the development of the already present parks that we have that sit idle.

  3. Dave Schultz says:

    True. They haven’t developed that land. It should stay ” as is “. The town should improve the park land they already have. How about aggressively advertising that property for it’s business park.

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