Sheriff’s Department warns of phone scam

kcsd-doorKenosha County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Sgt. Bill Beth released the following statement regarding a phone scam that uses police department phone numbers on caller ID:

We have had some calls to our records department regarding a recent scam. Citizen’s are receiving calls where an official phone number is showing up on the caller ID. This number has been the Sheriff’s Department main phone number (605-5100) in one case and a KPD number in another case. The caller says that the citizen has a warrant and needs to give a credit card number in order to take care of the warrant. 1) Kenosha City and County phone numbers are generally blocked and will show as blocked or come up as all zeros on caller ID. 2) We do not solicit credit card numbers over the telephone in order to take payment for warrants or anything else. We do not want the public to be fooled or taken advantage of by this latest scam. If someone is wondering if they have a warrant they can call Kenosha City/County Joint Services – Records at 262-605-5015.


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