Central and Wilmot make top high schools list

Both Central High School and Wilmot Union High School made the Newsweek-Daily Beast list of the top 2000 high schools in the country.

There are 55 Wisconsin schools on the list. Wilmot and Central are the only Kenosha County schools included.

Wilmot ranked 1514 in its first year on the list. Here are the stats given for Wilmot: 96 percent graduation rate, 80 percent college bound, 21.2 average ACT score, 37 percent subsidized lunch, 3.4 average AP score.

Central ranked 1932. Here are the stats for Central: 93 percent graduation rate, 63 percent college bound, 22.6 percent ACT, 25 percent subsidized lunch, 2.9 average AP score.

There were 55 Wisconsin schools on the list, which is an annual project of Newsweek-The Daily Beast. The Daily Beast page on the list explains “The list is based on six components: graduation rate (25 percent), college acceptance rate (25 percent), AP/IB/AICE tests taken per student (25 percent), average SAT/ACT scores (10 percent), average AP/IB/AICE scores (10 percent), and percent of students enrolled in at least one AP/IB/AICE course (5 percent).”



  1. Northwestern Mike says:

    Let’s put this in perspective. Per US News and World Report: The top twenty high schools in Illinois are ranked nationally from 33 to 503. The top twenty high schools in Wisconsin are ranked nationally from 476 to 1528. Central is not ranked nationally on this list. >>> Per Newsweek: the top twenty five high schools in Illinois are nationally ranked from 25 to 458. The top twenty five high schools in Wisconsin are nationally ranked from 230 to 1220. Central is ranked 53 in the State and 1932 nationally. Wilmot is ranked 35 in the state and 1514 nationally.

  2. ..... says:

    and your point is…. I think it is a great honor to even be on the list.

  3. Northwestern Mike says:

    They could do a lot better.

  4. Dean Troyer says:

    Yes Illinois has some great high schools but it also has some of the worst in the nation. The disparity in academics and funding in schools is far greater in Illinois than in Wisconsin.

    Wisconsin does a far better job of funding all schools than Illinois. Also, In 2012 Wisconsin was ranked #3 in the country for the highest average scores on the ACT and SAT scores while Illinois was ranked #7.

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