Silver Lake Village Board extends contract with Silver Lake Rescue Squad Inc.

sl-rescue-squad-backThe Silver Lake Village Board Wednesday agreed to contract with Silver Lake Rescue Squad Inc. for another 60 days with a 30-day extension beyond that if needed.

The move was needed to ensure emergency medical service to the village while the Salem Town Board considers a contract for Salem to provide that service to Silver Lake, board members said.

Trustee David Snow initially proposed a 30-day extension, but other board members suggested a longer period to give Salem time to make a decision and for any needed transition.

“I have no idea what Salem is going to do,” Snow said.

The Village Board approved the contract in March. But Salem has yet to act on it. The contract was discussed at the Salem Town Board Committee of the Whole meeting on April  15, but no vote was taken. Some Town Board members had several questions about how the contract would work and how the town would be compensated for providing EMS service to Silver Lake. At this point, the Salem Town Board is not scheduled to meet again until May 13.

Trustee Cyndy Schwebke, who participated in negotiating the contract with Salem officials, said she did not think a lot of transition time would be necessary after it is approved by Salem.

“They said if we needed them tomorrow they’d be here tomorrow,” Schwebke said. “I don’t think there would need to be a whole legality issue that would take months and months.”

The vote on the extension was unanimous, with village President Sue Gerber abstaining.

But while the action by the board was just for 90 days maximum, a rescue squad official held out hope of a longer term agreement.

Bob Johnson, Silver Lake Rescue Squad EMS chief, speaking during the citizens’ comments section of the meeting, invited the village to talk about a longer term arrangement.



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