UPDATE: Vern Wolfe Lake still receding; Highway 75 rip-rapped but remains closed

Here’s an update on the Vern Wolfe Lake Dam situation from Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Conservation Warden Jennifer Niemeyer:

At 16:00 today, the bank conditions adjacent to the culvert have not changed.  Water levels dropped approximately 2 inches since this morning when we removed a board from the whistle.  Water levels have dropped approximately 1.25 feet since Friday when the DNR staff began to monitor the situation.  We have had no rainfall today which has helped to drain more water out of the lake.  We will continue the controlled drawdown of water levels.  All boards in the whistle have been removed this afternoon that are possible to be removed.  WI DOT has riprapped the West side of HWY 75 for protection. Hwy 75 remains closed.  The dam and water levels continue to be monitored.  Water levels will be reassessed on Wednesday morning, prior to afternoon storms.”

Highway 75 was closed from Highway JB to 18th Street starting Friday afternoon because of concerns that high water might cause the dam to fail due to a hole that was detected by DNR dam engineers. Officials believe a catastrophic failure of the dam could washout the roadway at the nearest point, which is about 50 feet front the dam.


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  1. Sandi B says:

    any update on the lake now?
    with all this rain it can’t be good :/
    thanks for a great info site!
    Sandi B

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