Wheatland says “No, thanks” to fire services study

At tonight’s Wheatland Town Board meeting, there was a discussion on whether the town wanted to participate in an emergency services study.  Chief Louis Denko and Assistant Chief Brian Kerkman relayed that it was the fire department’s feeling that the town of Wheatland was not interested now.

“The cost of the study was to be $1 per person, approximately $3,347, plus mileage, totaling $3,500 or $3,600,” town chairman Bill Glembocki said.  That was to be the cost if all of the municipalities got involved.

The fire department rep said, “Salem is an island, they’re not in it.  Twin Lakes is not in it.  Silver Lake is the only one in it, and they’re not 100% sure.  The mutual aid agreements and response agreements that we have already set up have been covering well lately.”

The chief said that they have been doing very well on manpower and help from our neighbors.  “Financially, we’re at our strongest.  All of our equipment has been bought and paid for.  With studies, we usually see that they want to put on daytime staff.  I’d rather see the money spent on equipment and our operating budget,” he said.

Glembocki said that the fire department and the town board work well together.  He also said that he was assured that Silver Lake would be renewing their contract with us.  He didn’t feel that we needed to spend the money.  The rescue squad hasn’t affected performance in our town.

Glembocki moved that the town clerk draft a letter to Bristol, thanking them for the offer, but respectfully declining.  Andrew Lois, town supervisor, agreed.  “There’s no reason for us to participate,” he said.  Lois said that he’s been involved since 1994.  If this were to change in the future, it could be resurrected.  Lois said that “we fight fires as well as anyone around.  We’re good.”

Glembocki’s motion included the addition of the fire chief’s signature on the letter.


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