Bristol School building project update: Bathrooms by next school year

bristol-referendum-planFresh off a positive vote on a $5.3 million referendum last week, the Bristol School Board Tuesday set about taking the next steps on its pending building project.

Here are some of what the board heard and acted on:

  • The bathroom remodeling in the upstairs of the existing building is set to begin as soon as school ends in June and be completed by the opening of school in September, said Jerry Olson, of Green Architects. Bids on the project are due May 2.
  • When the last school addition took place, district administrator Gale Ryzcek acted as the construction project manager. He considered serving in that role again this time, but the current thinking now is that the district will hire outside help for this role. “I will give that job up to someone,” Ryczek said. He is expected to begin interviewing candidates soon.
  • The board will soon be deciding how it wants to structure its debt for the project. Due to even lower anticipated interest rates than when the referendum amount was set, the board could borrow the approved amount and still potentially lower the debt portion of the tax rate. Given those fortuitous circumstances, three options for a structure were presented Tuesday: Lower payments than initially anticipated for the entire 20-year term, lower payments for 10-years at either the beginning or the end of the term, keeping the same payment as initially projected, but paying off the loan faster, i.e. 17 years. The board agreed to lock in the bonding at a special meeting on May 28. The district’s adviser for the bonding suggested that date — right after Memorial Day — because it is a light day for bonding, which could make the Bristol issue more attractive to investors.
  • Board President Todd Becker took the opportunity to revel a bit in the fact that the referendum was passed. He said he was following the returns April 2 and saw about six school referendums on the ballot in Southeastern Wisconsin. Bristol’s was the  only one that passed. “We won; we’re moving forward,” Becker said. “We were the only one that won. We got our message out.” But added Ryczek: Now the work begins.”



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