Election 2013 results: Ironside, Dunn and Decker win Silver Lake village trustee seats

At 9:09, here are some early, incomplete results in the Silver Lake village trustee race (top three win): Barb Ironside 313, Pat Dunn 272, Michael Decker 271, Nancy Barranco 262, Roger Johnson 261, Sotiria Wilber 250.

While all of the candidates have experience on the Village Board, Dunn, Decker and Wilber are the current incumbents.

UPDATE 9:40 p.m. — Final unofficial results slightly different per village Clerk Terry Faber: Barb Ironside 313, Pat Dunn 272, Mike Decker 271, Nancy Barranco 262, Roger Johnson 263, Soti Wilber 250.



  1. Ralph Jankovic says:

    Sorry to see Wilber go I thought she did a great job watching the village money.

  2. Pat Wilson says:

    Sorry to see her go.? She didn’t have a clue to what she was doing. It is time for some fresh air in the village. The rest of the crew should have gone with her.

  3. sandy says:

    @Pat Wilson. Are you new to the area?? Some fresh air?? Didn’t have a clue?? I think you must be the one who doesn’t have a clue. The other three candidates were all previous board members who ran this town into the ground, raises taxes, and voted against the new subdivision proposal. The three trustees did more in two years than the rest did during all their entire terms put together. And let’s not mention Roger, who has lost the last 5 elections he has run in!!! So by fresh air you mean, stagnant and by didn’t have a clue you mean, did more for this community than apparently you are even aware of!!!

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