Election 2013: Bristol School District building project referendum


The blue areas on this image represent the new building areas (two levels).

Voters in the Bristol School District will have a school building project referendum to vote on April 2.

From a school district prepared brochure:

The Bristol School District is seeking approval for a $5.3 million building project referendum on the April 2nd ballot. The $5.3 million budget for the project will add 14-18 new classrooms, a new music room, new art room, special education spaces and convert of the existing art classroom into a science classroom. Also included is the remodeling of the restrooms in the west building.

District official have been emphasizing that approving the referendum will not raise taxes in the district. The new borrowing would replace current borrowing that has been retired in the tax rate structure.

More information from the district is available here and here.


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