Election 2013: Salem town supervisor

Note: westofthei.com distributed questionnaires to candidates for local offices in the April 2 election. Each candidate for a given office were asked the same questions. We will present the answers in posts as they were submitted (spelling corrected when caught). — DH

Salem town supervisor

Dan Campion, age 58. Previous political experience: Current Salem Salem Town Board Supervisor.

Kyle Christensen — no reply received.

Ted Kmiec, no age given. Previous political experience: Current Salem supervisor.

Why are you seeking the office of Salem Supervisor?

Campion: I enjoy working in the public sector where I can make a difference to the people in the Town of Salem. I provide a professional, process oriented look at handling situations before making a decision. I find it fascinating meeting people throughout the town and learning what is important to them and how the Town can better serve them. I want to continue serving in this position.

Christensen: No reply received.

Kmiec: I was originally appointed to my current position in the Fall of 2011 to fill out the rest of Supervisor Joe Meier’s term after he passed away. Joe was a longtime friend and neighbor of mine and I had a lot of respect for him and his work in the community, both as a teacher and for what he brought to the Town Board. Last year, I could have ran for a two year term but I chose to run for the seat I was appointed to even though it was a one year term and I knew I would have to run again for it this Spring. I felt it was the right thing to do. I have worked in a family business, for the government as a Cook County Assistant State’s Attorney for ten years, the private sector, and I have owned my own business in Salem for the last 10 years. I believe I bring a wide range of experience in all these areas that helps when making important decisions as a Supervisor for the Town. As a resident and business owner in Salem, I want to see the best done for those who live and work here. I feel I have done a good job in my time on the Board and hope the residents of Salem give me the chance to continue working on their behalf at the local government level.

 Why are you a better choice than the other candidates?

Campion: Over the past 2 years I aggressively gained experience and knowledge on the operations of Town government. I have completed the requirements to be on the town’s Board of Review. I am an active member of the Wisconsin Town Association; I participate in the Kenosha County Intergovernmental meetings. I am the Town’s Liaison to the County Board (I attend County Board and Committee meetings with a focus on issues that impact the Town of Salem).

Christensen: No reply received.

Kmiec:  I have had ties to the Town of Salem since I was five years old.  My family owned a vacation home here since the 1960’s which I have owned since 1986.  Since I was a kid I always have loved Salem and it’s people.  Over time I have developed many lifelong friendships and relationships with the people that live here.  Since I began working here in 1998, I have helped many people professionally and have developed even more relationships with the people who call Salem home.  I have a wide range of work experience that I bring to the mix which I believe is helpful to my work on the Board.  I do not have any hidden agendas, I only want to help do what is best for the Community and those who live and work here.  I feel I have done well so far and am looking forward to continuing my work here if the voters decide I am worthy of it.


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