Election 2013: Bristol School Board

Note: westofthei.com distributed questionnaires to candidates for local offices in the April 2 election. Each candidate for a given office were asked the same questions. We will present the answers in posts as they were submitted (spelling corrected when caught). — DH

Bristol School Board (two at large seats)

Lynn Keller, age 48. Previous political experience: Current school board member.

Katie O’Neill, age 48. Previous political experience:

Doug O’Reilly, age 38. Previous political experience: Not answered.

Jack Spencer, no age given. Previous political experience: Not answered.

Why are you seeking this office?

Keller: I am seeking office because I believe we have an exceptional school. Bristol School has made noticeable advancements in the years that I have been on the Board and I would like to have the opportunity to fulfill the projects that I have been a part of putting in place. I am invested in the future of Bristol School and my knowledge of the school’s current status is an asset in optimally continuing its progress.

O’Neill: I am seeking another term on the Bristol School Board to continue what I have started, accountability for all.  I believe by asking questions and expecting documentation to support decisions I have begun the process to ensure accountability for the board as well as the district.  I will continue to ask the difficult questions and have those courageous conversations to ensure the district continues to head in the right direction.  As a district we have just begun a strategic planning process that will give the district a focus that everyone is working towards and this will ensure that we are truly being the most efficient and effective district we can be.  This, in turn, will benefit the staff, students and families.

O’Reilly: The School Board over the last few years has clearly struggled. I bring fresh new leadership at a time when we need to turn the corner and make a good school into a great school.  I have a detailed plan in the area of Security, Communication, Quality of Education and Accountability.

Spencer: I am seeking the office for a seat on the Bristol School Board at a time of expansion to offer my experience of the last major expansion in 1996. My 15 years of being a school board member and to create a board that works together with themselves, faculty and administration for the children of the school and taxpayers of the district.

Why are you a better choice than the other candidates?

Keller: I am the best candidate because my approach to being a board member is grounded in common sense and a willingness to work collectively toward achieving our goals. I have maintained a strong working relationship with every member of the school board during my previous term, remaining open and objective throughout the process of many decisions. I take the responsibility of being a school board member very seriously and am thoughtful about how to best use the fiscal resources of the school to the students’ and community’s best interests.

O’Neill: I am just completing my first term on the Bristol School Board.  I have had an opportunity to attend numerous Wisconsin School Board conventions and meetings that have helped me learn more about the intricacies of being a member of a school board.  I am committed to put in the time and effort needed to ensure that I am knowledgeable about the needs of Bristol School and supporting administration to ensure we are “cutting edge” in all areas of education.

O’Reilly: While some are running for no other reason then they have lived here a long time or once upon a time were on the board… I am running to improve things for my children and for the community.  I am the only candidate with kids that will be impacted by decisions since my kids are 5 and 8.  Quality of Education that is the best in the state is possible… we just have to reach for it.  I am the best candidate to get us there.

Spencer:  I feel that my years of experience on the board, my teaching background and my 40 years as a Bristol resident make me a viable candidate for the Bristol School Board.


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