Election 2013: Salem School Board

Note: westofthei.com distributed questionnaires to candidates for local offices in the April 2 election. Each candidate for a given office were asked the same questions. We will present the answers in posts as they were submitted (spelling corrected when caught). — DH

Salem School Board

Jim Gere, age 51. Previous political experience: Former Salem School Board member.

Lisa Hinze, age:46. Previous political experience: Salem School Board.

Barb Ingram,  age 50. Previous political experience: Salem Grade School Board Member April 2010 – Present; Village of Paddock Lake Village Board Member April 1997 – April 2001.

Why are you seeking the office of Salem School Board member?

Gere: I am running for the school board position because I believe that I bring a lot to the table that could add to the board. With my experience in the field of Sports League Administration and as a small business owner I feel that I can represent a wide demographic of the district. I feel that it is important to be in touch with the people of the district and I am out working among them on a daily basis. I also feel that it’s extremely important not to have a personal agenda. Yes I do have two in my house that attend Salem, so I do have something immediately at stake, but in general, the good of the students that attend Salem should be the only agenda.

Hinze: I am very proud of the accomplishments of Salem Grade School and I have a desire to see Salem School be all that it can be. The current board is working on implementing short and long-term goals for the board and administration that will focus on leadership and accountability that will ultimately impact the financial position of the district and, of course, student achievement.  I would like to continue with that direction and work towards elevating Salem Grade School to its fullest potential.

Ingram: I have learned a great deal about Salem Grade School over the last 3 years and the teachers, support staff and administration that Salem has are the best. I would like to continue to bring positive changes for the students and staff of Salem Grade School, such as the new lunch program and summer school.

Why are you a better choice than the other candidates?

Gere: As for the second question, I prefer to stay away from that side of politics. I know that I have a lot to contribute to the school board and my experience and contact with the districts residents makes me a good choice. I believe that each of the candidates has something to offer and it’s up to the voters as to whether I’m a better choice.

Hinze:   I have gained a considerable amount of knowledge and understanding of the multitude and complexity of issues and daily challenges school districts face in my 3+ years of experience on the Salem School Board.  I have a deep understanding of the budgeting process, state and federal educational standards and assessments and I am focused on student achievement. I am an active member in our community as well as the school.  I feel I have a strong understanding of our community and tax payers as well.  The challenges facing public schools are detailed and complex and require school boards and administrators to be diligent and strong by following the state and federal policies as well as the school’s strategic plan,

Ingram: My experience as a current board member is a plus and I feel that this current board works well together for the benefit of the students and staff of Salem Grade School.


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