Kerkman co-chaired committee OKs audit of placements of sex offenders

State Rep. Samantha Kerkman /Contributed photo

State Rep. Samantha Kerkman /Contributed photo

Two Kenosha County legislators played a role in an audit of placements of sex offenders on supervised release approved today by the Joint Legislative Audit Committee.

Here’s a press release from state Rep. Samantha Kerkman and state Sen. Robert Cowles, chariman of the committee:

The Joint Legislative Audit Committee conducted a hearing at which the Committee approved an audit of placements of sex offenders on supervised release. The audit was approved on a vote of 7-0. “My goal is always to avoid wasting taxpayers’ money. At the surface it certainly looks that we can find some better practices to house these individuals while still keeping our communities safe. This audit hopefully will highlight some alternative and innovative ways to tackle these challenges that are more efficient than the current options,” said Senator Cowles (R-Green Bay). A request for the audit was made by Senators Leibham and Ellis and Representative Barca after growing concerns regarding placement and expenditures made by the Department of Health Services for housing of sex offenders on supervised release were uncovered. The audit will evaluate the placement process of individuals, analyze the cost and expenditures of supervised release programs and also assess supervised release program outcomes. The Committee heard testimony from the Audit Bureau, Representative Peter Barca and Senator Joe Leibham, as well as from a group of private citizens who advocated for the review. “I’m glad that the Committee directed the Audit Bureau to look into this challenging issue that is clearly very concerning to many citizens of our state,” said Representative Kerkman (R-Randall). “Hopefully the results of this audit will inform us on how to best use our taxpayer funds to place these supervised sex offenders in a way that will keep our communities safe.”

A Scope of the Audit is available here.

Kerkman’s district includes most of Western Kenosha County except Wheatland


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  1. I have a concern says:

    I have a concern about offenders, several unrelated individuals, being placed in a single family residential community in a structure classified as a single family unit.

    Its about time for the state to classify offenders.

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