Election 2013: Randall town chairman

Note: westofthei.com distributed questionnaires to candidates for local offices in the April 2 election. Each candidate for a given office was asked the same questions. We will present the answers in posts as they were submitted (spelling corrected when caught). — DH

Randall Town Chairman

Philip A. Johnson, age 56. Previous political experience: Constable Town of Randall 1988 – 1991, Randall Town Supervisor 1999 – 2001.

Bob Stoll, age 59. Previous political experience: Randall Town Board Supervisor-5 terms, Randall Town Board Chairman-2 terms, Randall Plan Commissioner, Kenosha County Board of Adjustments, Powers Lake Management District board of directors.

Why are you seeking the office of Randall Town Chairman?

Johnson: I feel the current Town Chairman is out of touch with the major issues in the Town. The Road Project has gone un-finished in that shoulder work needs to be done to alleviate the huge drop-offs from the street. This was an oversight of the Chairman that will cost the Town another substantial amount of money. The Town Chairman thinks it is better to throw money at the Fire Department to buy them vehicles to run all over the 3 county area, forgetting the importance of serving the residents of the Town of Randall first. We need to curtail spending money of foolish items. A conservative approach will keep the Town from getting into a fiscal pickle.

Stoll: The Town has just completed a town-wide road project replacing many road surfaces and improving drainage. We need to implement a long-term maintenance plan to protect the investment made and to insure maximum life is achieved. The Town Board and Plan Commission are reviewing and updating the Town Ordinances, which was last done in 1991. This is important to complete as some are in conflict with each other and in need to reflect today’s requirements.

Why are you a better choice than the other candidates?

Johnson: I bring sound decision making skills to the Board. I have been a resident of the town all my life and I am familiar with the history of it, and was personally involved in some of the major decisions the Town made. This experience is very valuable when leading the Town. The other Fire Departments in Kenosha County are looking into a possible consolidation. We need experienced people from the Town to help guide this process, if the Town buys into it. I bring the necessary experience it takes to be involved. I would also bring control of the Towns Emergency Services back under the control of the Town, and not headed by people who reside outside the Town of Randall who have no vested stake in the organization. This is a great area to live and raise a family. I want to improve it even more, so the residents have an enjoyable experience while residing in the Town.

Stoll: I have a broad knowledge base of local and state laws; zoning and land use ordinances and the ability to communicate and clearly articulate discussion on these matters. In addition to a number of years of practical application, I think what qualifies me best is the ability to analyze problems, draw on experience and most importantly apply common sense to find resolution.



  1. Dave says:

    I’d like to know how mr Phil Johnson thinks his talking about the consolidation of fire depts would have any bearing on the current issues in Randall . Especially considering he’s a career firefighter in city of Kenosha and virtually spends no time at Randall fire. The statement about people outside the town having an influence on decisions being made in Randall is to me a direct insult considering there are members of his Randall fire that live outside the town of Randall. So Phil do their decisions and input not matter? Bob Stol has done a fine job and I believe the people are happy considering five terms. Randall has a great fire dept and crew and to outcast them by saying their influence is a bad thing is down right ignorant

  2. Jeff S says:

    Bob, where were you when the ex building inspector was working for Randall?

  3. Ken says:

    Jeff S, I think you have the wrong Bob, you need to ask Bob Gehring, who played a big role in the hiring, who was in charge of, and who routinely defended the ex-building inspector when questions arose about him in numerous meetings.

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