Election 2013: Paddock Lake village president

Note: westofthei.com distributed questionnaires to candidates for local offices in the April 2 election. Each candidate for a given office was asked the same questions. We will present the answers in posts as they were submitted (spelling corrected when caught). — DH

Paddock Lake village president

Terry Burns, age 52. No answer submitted for previous political experience.

Jill Smart, age 45. Previous political experience: I currently am serving as a Village Trustee for the Village of Paddock Lake. I was elected in 2012. I am chairperson for the Judiciary and Licensing committee and kept the budget down. I am also an active member of the Finance committee and Health, Welfare and Recycling committee.

Why are you seeking the office of Paddock Lake village president?

Burns: “I am seeking election because quite simply the last four years the elected leadership in Paddock Lake has been outright deplorable. The childishness that occurs at the Board level is an insult to the taxpayers of Paddock Lake. As a result of self centered ploys for reelection we have the highest sewer rates in Kenosha County and one of the highest debt per capita in Southeast Wisconsin. This is what status quo Government got you. I honestly feel the majority of our residents are tired of this form of Government and demand a smaller more efficient Government model that offers professionalism, is run like a business and offers full disclosure to its taxpayers. This is what I fully intend on offering. I am a businessman, not a politician with an agenda, so the political rhetoric that often clouds good solid reasoning and decision making will not interfere with our newly elected Board in providing residents of Paddock Lake long term high quality of life, properly planned progress and improved real estate values.”

Smart: “My goals if elected are to continue to improve overall communication with the residents of the Village of Paddock Lake to ensure that they are informed of issues being addressed by the board and voted upon at meetings. There continues to be a need for a regular newsletter delivered by volunteers to inform residents of the issues being brought forth with the DNR, engineers and sewer plant operations. I would like to ensure that residents are made aware of how tax dollars are being spent and re-assured that their hard earned dollars are not being spent frivolously on items which are not necessary to the day to day functioning of the Village of Paddock Lake. I am passionate about the community which we reside in and I believe in conservation to preserve our wonderful lakes.”

Why are you a better choice than the other candidate?

Burns: “One word answers that; EXPERIENCE. With the exception of 2011 I have served on your Village Board as a Trustee since 2005. I have always voted on Board decisions with the pure respect of the taxpayer in mind. In the years I have served on your Village Board I have continuously voted against tax increases. Not because I’m attempting to be superficial but because I understand our Municipal Budget and know how money works. We have surplus year after year after year. I have actively served on every Village committee which includes Finance, Public Works, Building & Grounds, Parks, Judicial & Licensing, Health Welfare & Recycling, Planning Commission and the Lake District as a Commissioner. While on those committees I have continually attended Inter-Governmental Meetings with County and other Municipalities because I feel it is important to share ideas with other municipalities. I designed the Fleet Maintenance program for our Village Equipment saving us thousands. I was instrumental in lowering your refuse bill starting this year by returning rebate monies back to you. I have begun attacking your sewer costs as well. I initiated the History Room at Village Hall for all to enjoy the rich history of Paddock Lake. This past year I requested the Village be bond rated for the first time since incorporation, this dropped our bond interest rate from a proposed 3.5% to 1.64% on a recent 3.75 million bond issue. I have written proposals for government services, written third party contracts with council. I wrote the original resolution for the Old Settler Dog Park. I have also attended third party education courses in the field of Public Works and Finance & Administration. I also established a Capital Asset Fund for the Village Hall for long term expenditure funding. I personally donated my time to paint a majority of the Village Hall to save the taxpayers the expense. I also designed the current landscaping for the front of your Village Hall. As you may conclude, I take my elected duties very seriously. I consider it an honor for you to entrust me as a steward of your tax dollars. In closing I cannot preface this enough, your Village President needs to be experienced in the many facets of business, law, and government process, take the job seriously, and be knowledgeable of Village affairs in order to provide any benefit to you the taxpayer. Otherwise you get a status quo rubber stamp Government. We know what that looks like- so let’s change it. Here’s your opportunity. For more information please see my advertisement here on Westofthei.com in the right hand margin. I wish to thank West of the I for this opportunity and thank you the Paddock Lake taxpayer in advance for your support on April 2nd.”

Smart: “I have been in nursing and healthcare for over 20 years, as a registered nurse. I have worked as a staff nurse as well as multiple facets of management. I have experience with staffing, scheduling, budgeting, hiring and dismissal of employees. I have background in the development and implementation of policies/procedures and the advanced technology for documentation in the healthcare setting for the purpose of improving patient safety, confidentiality and overall patient satisfaction. I believe my management skills will allow me to utilize our board member’s time and talents to maximally benefit our community. Thank you for your support.”


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