Silver Lake Rescue Squad Inc. president’s statement on Silver Lake’s decision to contract with Salem for EMS

sl-rescue-squad-backDan Gerber, president of Silver Lake Rescue Squad Inc.. made the following statement to regarding the Silver Lake Village Board’s decision Wednesday night to discontinue contracting with his organization for EMS service and instead contracting with Salem Fire/Rescue:

We feel its unfortunate that throughout this endeavor that we have been negotiating in good faith with the village board, the comments at many many of the meetings were in strong support of Silver Lake Rescue Squad Inc. many asking for a referendum on the item, but those constituents requests went on deaf ears among President Albrecht, Trustee Decker, Trustee Dunn, Trustee Schwebke, Trustee Snow, and Trustee Wilbur. They stated they have a lot of supporters of the idea of going with EMS service with the Town of Salem but not many of them showed up to the meetings to voice their support. We also understand that the concept of the Town of Salem providing “free” service to the Village of Silver Lake is appealing, as their “proposed contract” states according to President Albrecht but for how long is that appeal going to last? The Village of Paddock Lake does not get free service from the Town of Salem, the Town of Brighton does not get free service from the Town of Salem, the Town of Salem residents do not get free service. What happens when that appeal is gone? We understand there may or may not be some sharing of services regarding fire but the “proposed contract” sounds like maybe they may share services. Silver Lake Rescue Squad Inc. is going to provide the quality rescue service the residents of the Village of Silver Lake have come to know until March 31st, 2013 at which time the Town of Salem will take over – if that is the case? We asked Chairman of Emergency Government Trustee Cyndy Schwebke last night if we are done on March 31st, 2013 and her answer was I don’t know. This is really not a good answer when your playing with emergency services. So we are also waiting to see what the Town of Salem’s response is as well. I do not think this “proposed contract” has gone before the Town of Salem Board yet. As far as President Albrecht’s statement that the board has no agreement to consider from Silver Lake Rescue Squad Inc. We have two proposals actually signed by myself awaiting for discussion as well as several other options and proposals that were being discussed with Trustee Snow. We have one for a flat fee of $7,500 per year for two years so that they could allow $19,000 per year to be infused to the fire department to help strengthen as were the original starting of these discussion and we also had a proposal that basically took out Salem’s name and placed ours in their place. If they wanted to discuss that we would have been more than happy as stated in the proposal to have our attorney and the village attorney make the correct wordage in that contract, but apparently they did not want to discuss that. Fortunately we are a strong organization and will continue to provide service to the other municipalities we serve and wish everyone well in the endeavor. We have been very happy to be able to dedicate the last 53 years to the residents of the Village of Silver Lake.

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  1. Commonsense? says:

    Evidently what is lacking with this kind of statement is commonsense; why should Silver Lake continue to contract with Silver Lake Rescue Squad at a very basic, minimal training level whereas Salem will be able to give the village a higher level of care through their continued training. Even better is the aspect that Salem is not attempting to strongarm the village as the Silver Lake Rescue Squad did after they believed the contract would be resigned with them, mandating an additional $20,000 as well as being able to change who holds what positions within the fire department, etc? Is Silver Lake Rescue looking out for their best interest over the best interest of the community, I think so. The gentleman at the meeting last night clarified that 100% in telling how he needed rescue services and as he was being transported from Silver Lake (by SLRS) he coded and would have died had SLRS had not flagged down another ambulance that had paramedics in it. This is not an isolated incident- there are many more incidents very similar to this. It is time for SLRS to realize that the Village wants what is best for the VILLAGE OF SILVER LAKE, not what the “good ‘ol boys” want based their twisted ideals and outright lies. I very much commend the 6 members of the board that approved the contract with Salem. Thank you for looking forward to progress our community rather than looking back to maintain “tradition” (as SLRS calls it).

  2. Car RamRod says:

    I stand behind your statement and I applaud you for this as well. As a resident also of silver lake I am very excited and happy to have a higher level of care come to this village with of course The silver lake fire department that does a fine job as well with emergency calls. As a matter of fact they are having there pancake breakfast this Saturday as well. I am looking forward to the future of this village we are in need of a change and I am glad to be apart of this.

  3. @Commonsense says:

    In the end the wishes of the people of Silver Lake will be acted upon. The elections are coming up soon in April and the board members that lied and pushed this through, behind the backs of the people, will be removed from the village board. The injunction will be filed now to hold the process up until after the election and the recall elections for Cyndy and Dave have already begun.

    You can just taste the bile emanating from the person who wrote the first comment, but that’s ok, in the end the people that really count know what the truth is, that SLRS worked with Dave Snow to work on a proposal that was beneficial to all parties involved. But it was clear at the last emergency meeting of the whole that they never planned on working with SLRS. Sue Gerber was never told about the “new” Salem contract and was lied to at that meeting when she asked if “is any other business besides the Silver Lake Contract going to be discussed in this meeting” She was told “no” by Jeff, and then left because of the ethics issue. After Sue left they brought out the Salem contract and said they had been working with them over the past month. However, this is NOT a new contract, about 5 words were changed.

    As far as what level of care Silver Lake Rescue provides, it is at the level that is best for the community. Twin Lakes is over twice the size of Silver Lake, and you don’t see them kicking out their own private rescue to bring Salem in. Then again, they have intelligent leaders on their board that not only truly care about the village, but also have a plan to expand and grow the village, not like the losers we have.

    As far as the 20,000 you mention, that was a number that Dave Snow asked Rescue to provide at the beginning of the discussions over a “new” contract that he was working on with rescue. It wasn’t a number that was set in stone. But the whole idea of talks with SLRS was a smoke and mirrors game to blind side both SLRS and the village residence. While SLRS was holding what they thought were productive talks with Snow, Jeff and his buddies were sneaking over to Salem.

    Well, in the end, we will just have to see what April brings, and until that time SLRS will be providing the best care possible to the people of the village. Don’t forget, you do not need to call 911, as a “private” EMS provider you can call Silver Lake Rescue directly for help. More info to follow!

  4. Commonsense says:

    Yes please make sure you get your plug in to call the rescue squad directly that way SLRS can continue to give inaccurate numbers on the amount of paramedic calls for the village! Let me guess, “the people that actually count” are only those that are pro SLRS, yet not everyone in Silver Lake is as you would like to believe. Seeing as how Danny boy is the president of the rescue squad I find it to be a conflict of interest for Sue to be voting on matters that would directly affect her son. I find it interesting that you claim there are current proposals being worked out with Snow, yet he voted for the approval of the Salem contract-he had the ability to vote against it if he doesn’t agree. Furthermore, it is sad to think that it is best for the community to receive very minimal care when there is option of bringing in a higher standard. I don’t know about you, but I surely want the best aide administered to me immediately rather than getting mediocre treatment from SLRS until the ambulance is out of the village to call in the more educated paramedics for the job.

  5. Ria says:

    You speak of smoke and mirrors. That is exactly what the SLRS was doing all along. Hoping to stall the vote long enough to get thru elections. They werent going to ever negotiate their costs down like they promised as by the $$2250 per month request. The citizens of this town deserve the best. How can the board work with a organization that cant keep their word. Besides this is a contract, not a municiple organization. What gives them the right to give demands to the board about what the board needed to do. If they hired a carpenter to do some work, do you think they should be allowed to ask for our village inspectors qualifications to verify his work. No. The SLRS feels entitled to this and doesnt realize their tactics to prolong negotiations and trying to strong arm the board into paying extra money for their sevices bit them in the butt!!! God help us if we have to go back to the good old boys group and bring back any if the folks that have already been voted off the board once before, and some more than once, because the citizens were tired of the bad politcs with no bid contracts costing the village thousands of wasted dollars. The citizens spoke up before by kicking them all off the board and they will do it again!!!

  6. I wonder why says:

    Do you think Dave Snow saw something during negotiating with SLR Inc. that he may have not liked? Or was it the gentleman who coded under SLR care that swayed him as well as Wilber?
    Do we want the old board back the board that did nothing,the old board that did not see that the fire dept was failing,I think not!
    The new board and the president have been trying to bring the village back into the 21st.century by introducing new budget new employee hand book reduced spending Soti who runs the village finances just like we all run our own finances.We have to look into the future,and not what happend 50 years ago. Thank you SLR Inc. time to move on.

  7. Dan Gerber says:

    Oh Danny boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling
    From glen to glen, and down the mountain side
    The summer’s gone, and all the flowers are dying
    ‘Tis you, ’tis you must go and I must bide.
    But come ye back when summer’s in the meadow
    Or when the valley’s hushed and white with snow
    ‘Tis I’ll be here in sunshine or in shadow
    Oh Danny boy, oh Danny boy, I love you so.

    And if you come, when all the flowers are dying
    And I am dead, as dead I well may be
    You’ll come and find the place where I am lying
    And kneel and say an “Ave” there for me.

    And I shall hear, tho’ soft you tread above me
    And all my dreams will warm and sweeter be
    If you’ll not fail to tell me that you love me
    I’ll simply sleep in peace until you come to me.

    I’ll simply sleep in peace until you come to me.

    Love that song!!!

  8. Ria says:

    @Mr Gerber,didn’t you resign your president position at the SLRS Inc??? Was that so your mom, Sue Gerber, could vote when the discussions about SLRS Inc came back up??? Would this prevent her from being found in violation of yet another ethics issue??? You talk about your proposals that were on the table, but when the board asked for some more information, SLRS Inc came back with a new, $20,000 proposal. How is that in good faith??? You talk about being in business for over 50 years. How many of those years were as a municiple department??? Maybe the way SLRS Inc has been munipulating words, the board saw that there woud be no middle ground to meet at???

  9. fact of the matter says:

    Really… SLRS is about one of the only things in silver Lake that hasn’t went under (other than Dairy Queen and very few local establishments). Now your trying to take that away? Is that because you want everything else to fail in this town because that is what you are used to? Such a sad story that politicians have to go behind everyones back to pull a nearly illegal move just to get what they want even though it initally got voted down in the first place. It makes me sick.

  10. I cannot believe says:

    I cannot believe that anyone is advocating to not call 911!
    Expressed two times!
    I see a liability issue here if @commonss is a SLR personality vs Commonsense who seems to be a different person and seems to understand the issues and the smoke and mirrors.
    That @commonsns could be a dangerous advocacy!
    Isnt the SLR contract over on March 31st?

    I think that it is dangerous for comments and NAMES to be so close and to be so slight that people get the wrong idea.
    Heaven help anyone who calls direct SLR and loses the minutes, the seconds that make it a life or death decision.

  11. Commonsense says:

    I agree with you “I cannot believe” in every aspect. I in no way condone anyone not calling 911 when there is a medical emergency!! The person using “@commonsense” obviously feels otherwise, which is a true shame if that person happens to be a member of SLRS as they should know how critical those seconds or minutes are over and beyond the average person. Ria, you took the thoughts right out of my mind. Glad to see other citizens saw beyond the smoke and mirrors SLRS were using to attempt to fool the village into backing them. Also, please go support the pancake breakfast the fire department is hosting tomorrow morning!

  12. When was the last time says:

    When was the last time that President (or CEO? which is it) Dan Gerber physically spoke with Jeff Albrecht? Or, anyone on the Safety Committee in an official venue?
    What did he say? Who was with him?

  13. I cannot believe that says:

    SLR is asking about when their service is over for us in the village??? What does their contract say? That is when it is over. If it isn’t, then there will be a new contract or another 30 day extension. Regardless, the Village will still have rescue service, either thru the Silver Lake Fire, and/or thru the same agreement that Salem covers them as before or thru M.A.B.A.S. Coverage is there. Threatening that coverage will not be there for us is a scare tactic. People in the real business of protecting us will protect us without question. I bet that dispatching already has a plan in place (since the first talk of this a year ago, and definitely in the last 2 months) to dispatch the right squads should SLR have a flu or a pout. I feel that the village is in good hands.

  14. Area Firefighter/Paramedic says:

    About time, SLRS is a JOKE! They provide crappy at best care! I have worked with them on numerous calls, they are untrained, unprofessional, lazy wanta be EMS workers!!!! Thank God Salem is able and willing to help Silver Lake out! At least now Silver Lake will get the Paramedic care you need!

  15. I dont know who says:

    Area Firefighter/Paramedic is, but thank you for speaking out.
    Sitting on a fence only lets the bad guy prevail.
    I wish more would speak out.
    In this case, people believe what they are told by friends who might have a vested interest in the outcome for themselves but not be too concerned about the village safety.
    Or, they read in the papers and don’t really know if they can believe what they read or get confused.
    I have to give some thanks to WOTI here because it was WOTI that made it clear to residents that SLRS was not a village department but a separate entity like any other company that the village does business with. I am glad for this. Maybe, since the Village President hasn’t really been allowed a statement, that a statement can be made and posted. I think it would be a good idea for WOTI to find out from the other candidates their views on this and how they would have voted.

  16. to Dan Gerber says:

    I am concerned about this statement here…Don’t forget, you do not need to call 911, as a “private” EMS provider you can call Silver Lake Rescue directly for help. More info to follow!
    Now while that’s a true statement who is going to be “Dispatching the calls” my concern is you do Not have staff stationed there 24/7 365 days a year. Who will receive the call ? How will you dispatch the call then to your crews? What if its a bad MVA and they call you and need help and will have to wait for you to get a crew together and maybe said Pt. Expires because they were told to NOT call 911 in an emergency. I dont know about you but when a serious life threatning situation occures they may call our dispatching center but our EMDs will say Call 911. And we also run with Paramedics too. I just dont think its a good idea.

  17. Sandy says:

    Why did there have to be a new contract to clarify wording when there was two contracts in place like they state??? Why would there have to be a “cap”. I was under the impression that the board just wanted clarification of items like terms, and protocols, etc… so that costs $12,500??? How can anyone after reading this post, even think that it would be a good idea to do business with an organization that suggests you call them directly in an emergency, instead of calling 911!!! Are they that hard up for business, even thought they kept telling the board they are stable and could afford the cut. Maybe they really are not able to afford it.
    Also, why has Jeff not been given the same curtiousy of providing a whole page on his side of the story???

  18. Sandy says:

    Hasn’t SLRS Inc made statements that they have used Salem for Paramedic care??? I believe that several members of the SLRS Inc have commented several times that the first initial minutes of care are assessments anyways. So if there is a need for a paramedic they would have to call Salem anyways. Under this current contract with Salem, the only difference is that our own FD will be taking on the initial care roll and if needed, Salem will be on their way directly, not as a second thought as an intercept.

  19. @Sandy: Jeff Albrecht asked for a chance to make a similar statement. We answered that we would publish it. We have not received his statement yet as of March 26, 6:20 a.m.

  20. Dan Gerber says:

    I’m not sure what statement some of you are reading but nowhere in my statement do I advocate calling Silver Lake Rescue Squad Inc. directly instead of 911.
    That is not our position as a squad.

  21. @Sandy says:

    Thank you for that statement!!
    SLFD are licensed First responders plus there’s EMT Basics, IV techs and Paramedics as well with past memebers directly from SLR. So again thank you for that comment. Things will be ok in our village I am confident in our board as well. April 2nd elections remember to vote. Every vote counts!

  22. @Dan Gerber says:

    Mr Gerber, your last statement on this page, that you say you aren’t sure what statement some people are reading regarding the fact that you don’t advocate calling Silver Lake Rescue directly rather than 911…well sir, the user name of @Commonsense clearly made the statement & its very easy to hide behind an “incognito name” so the public doesn’t think it’s you speaking, its not the first time you’ve used a different name on this website. SLR has a policy against social media, shouldn’t you (as President) or at least when you were, be an example and follow the policies of the squad?

  23. @ Dan Gerber says:

    Hey there I think this was the quote everyone is talking about. Its found under the 3rd comment on here. ” Well, in the end, we will just have to see what April brings, and until that time SLRS will be providing the best care possible to the people of the village. Don’t forget, you do not need to call 911, as a “private” EMS provider you can call Silver Lake Rescue directly for help. More info to follow! Sounds like someone on SLR is making these statements. Hope this helps dan.

  24. Commonsense says:

    The comment made by “@commonsense” clearly states to call the department directly versus calling 911 for emergency purposes; maybe you should read everything that is posted on here as it does seem to be someone associated with the rescue squad that would advocate such advice. It is very unsettling that anyone would promote such a thing-especially a possible member of a rescue squad! Therefore, Mr. Gerber, you may want to take a closer look at the members of your squad if you want us to believe that this is not the “position as a squad”!!
    Furthermore, why aren’t you answering the questions raised by Ria, as I too would like to know the answers to the following questions: didn’t you resign your president position at the SLRS? Was that so your mom, Sue Gerber, could vote when the discussions about SLRS came back up? Would this prevent her from being found in violation of yet another ethics issue? You talk about your proposals that were on the table, but when the board asked for some more information, SLRS came back with a new, $20,000 proposal. How is that in good faith? You talk about being in business for over 50 years. How many of those years were as a municiple department?

  25. mark says:

    I think this all boils down to some simple observations.
    Silver Lake Rescue is a private agency that provide IV tech service.
    They charge for thier services, they pocket the net proceeds.
    Salem Rescue provides the higher level Paramedic service. They also charge for thier services. However, the net proceeds are distributed back to the community for the benefit of the community.
    Dan Gerber- If I were you, I would upgrade the service level you offer or you will be seeing the same actions in the other communities you serve.
    I am happy that our village board took the action they did. AND I will happily support each and every one of them in the upcoming election

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