Randall sets snow parking regulations for South Nippersink

south-nippersink-subdivisionRandall will be posting signs prohibiting parking on streets in the South Nippersink neighborhood after action taken by the Town Board Thursday night.

The Town Board voted 3 to 0 to post the signs, which will say on-street parking is prohibited in the subdivision after snowfalls of 2 inches or more.

Supervisors Mike Halvorson and Lauren Fox were absent.

Supervisors discussed that cars parked on the streets in the subdivision have made snow plowing difficult at times.

“I know the plow drivers complain about it …,” said Supervisor Randy Kaskin. “They’re trying to do their best to get the roads clean and there are cars parked.” Kaskin is a county Highways Department worker who also drives a snow plow.

Town Board members discussed enforcement. They agreed that enforcement would be necessary top make the rule stick.

“If we’re going to have any enforcement, it’s going to have to be properly signed,” town Chairman Bob Stoll said. “If we’re going to do it let’s do it right.”

Signs will cost about $20 each, plus the cost of poles and installation, Kaskin said.

Supervisor Bob Gehring suggested initially putting flags on the signs to call attention to them, like Wheatland did when lowering the speed limit on Geneva Road.


One Comment

  1. Jeff S says:

    What a joke, No park car when the County left 10 ft of pavement unplowed. Must be slow in the sign dept at the County.

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