Reader’s photos: New local eagle family


(Click for larger view) /West Jacobs photo

West Jacobs shared this photo of some new neighbors he has found in Kenosha County — an new eagle family.

Says West:

I have watched the nest building, the courtship, and now the sitting on eggs. I don’t want to give the location, for this is the time they are most sensitive to intrusions which can disrupt their capability to hatch and raise their young. But I, we, are so privileged to have a new nesting pair of Eagles. … The photo was taken 12 Mar 2013, a little windy so not so crisp. The mom is in the nest and dad is on a branch watching me.



  1. Please says:

    This is a very exciting time for Kenosha County! I hope this is something we can expect to see for many years!

  2. Colleen says:

    I wish the person would give the location of where this is at its very selfish of them. I’m am nature and wildlife photographer and would love to get a chance to get some wonderful photos of these birds in the county I live in. With the camera gear I have and my experience I would have produce very high quality pics of these birds and would be more than happy to share them.

  3. Leave the birds alone says:

    I am glad that the location is being kept secret.. If it is on private property, for sure, keep it secret. If it is on public property, then all the better to keep it secret to keep people from bothering them on the basis that they can and will invade. It is pretty clear that the birds are far enough away from humans and want to be far from humans and all their unnatural activity. Humans ruin most natural things. If you doubt it, look around. Asphalt, transmission lines, road signs, noise, artificial light, more noise, low flying planes of DNR close cropped lawns and absence of natural habitat abounds and then, photographers traipsing around scaring off the small food morsels from their hunting areas… Personally, very high quality pics isn’t sufficient reason to intrude on them. Eventually, an image would be sold and then the eagles would have been taken advantage of for profit.

    I am 100% glad that Jacobs is keeping the place secret. The longer the better.

  4. What Humans do to animals says:
    Leave the eagles alone.

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