Rescue on route to Wilmot Mountain

Silver Lake rescue and  Randall fire are responding to a call at Wilmot Mountain  for 9-year-old  child with a head injury


update 9:55 a.m.: a second ambulance called to Wilmot Mountain for another person with an unknown medical issue



  1. Ria says:

    So they leave the Village not only on one but two calls!!! So where does that leave the citizens who “pay” for them to be on standby???

  2. RIA says:

    And so it begins. SLRS Inc leaves the Village while they go out to the ski hills for not one, but TWO calls. God forbid there was a problem in the Village!!!

  3. @Ria says:

    Get your facts straight. The village was not left without coverage. A Paramedic squad was dispatched and was at the SLRS station until the first ambulance was back in quarters. Nice try tho, you’ll have to do better next time. It’s not like Salem never gets dispatched to Brighton and Paddock lake on multiple calls, and those are communities that PAY BIG Money for rescue service! So where do you think that ambulance from Salem is going to go first? Better hope that life saving perfusion of oxygen to the brain is all that is required by the patient, because those Silver Lake Fire Department PAID first responders aren’t going to be able to do anything else while they wait 30 minutes or more for a ambulance to show up.

  4. Jackie Moon says:

    To the person who thinks First responders can NOT do anything here’s just one part of the airway section on what they can do.

    AIRWAY / VENTILATION / OXYGENATION Airway – Lumen (Non-Visualized)** Airway – Nasopharyngeal Airway – Oropharyngeal Bag Valve Mask (BVM) CO Monitoring** Cricoid Pressure (Sellick) Manual Airway Maneuvers Obstruction – Manual Oxygen Therapy–Nasal Cannula Oxygen Therapy–Non-rebreather Mask Oxygen Therapy–Regulators Pulse Oximetry * Suctioning–Upper Airway (Soft & Rigid)

    So when someone is oxegan deprived those first responders will actually be able to do stuff because that is there scope of practice. They actually have 49 seperate skills that they can perform. Child birth, Trauma, Medical assesments, Medications, oxegan skills and much more. Get those facts straight.

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