Silver Lake village trustee primary results: Barranco, Johnson, Ironside, Wilbur, Dunn and Decker

Silver Lake’s field for village trustee in the April 2 Spring Election ballot was narrowed in today’s primary¬†election¬†to six candidates who all have prior village government experience.

The top six finishers were:

  • Nancy Barranco, a former trustee, 123.
  • Roger Johnson, a former village president, 122.
  • Barb Ironside , a former trustee, 113.
  • Soti Wilber, an incumbent trustee 97.
  • Pat Dunn, an incumbent trustee, 88.
  • Mike Decker, an incumbent trustee, 86.

Eliminated were Carolyn Dodge and Chris Sarver.

There are three seats to be filled in April.



  1. rob says:

    we just had to juviniles on hwy c that where killed in a trajic car accident due to bad weather on presidents day and barb ironside and the rest of the goo roos are headline news on west of the I …

  2. Rob: I am not aware of a fatal crash on Highway C Monday, but I will check into it. I did hear of a fatal crash of two teenagers in Antioch Monday.

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