Second Street in Twin Lakes flooded

Twin Lakes made the following announcement regarding flooding on a village street:

Due to the heavy rain and frozen ground, portions of Second Street are flooded. Please choose an alternate route. Twin Lakes Public Works and Fire Department are working to clear the area.”



One Comment

  1. Penny Carlson says:

    My husband was out from 5:30 AM to 3:30 PM 2/19/13 pumping water from the corner of Sunset and Park Ave for all the neighbors there to relieve the flooding from that corner with no help from the Village or Fire Dept. which by the way happens every time we get a good rain that corner the houses and yards are totally under water. They spent thousands of $ to a local business man to fix it and it only made it worse. had my husband not been out there during those hours with the help of a neighbor not even effected by it, my house and the surrounding houses plus the road would have frozen water under the house and through out the area where it was flooding the streets as well on that corner. Something needs to be done in that area and not at the top of the subdivision down by the lake and pumping station. They have yet to figure out water flows down hill…. which when they relieve it at the top where does it go?

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