Randall Town Board considering amending ordinance to allow for sheep project

/Photo by Andrew Petrie via stock.xchng

/Photo by Andrew Petrie via stock.xchng

The Randall Town Board is considering amending a town ordinance so one young resident can have a better 4-H project experience.

Julie Bonogofsky appeared before the Town Board Thursday night to ask the board to grant permission for her daughter to be able to keep two lambs on the family’s one acre property in the Arrowhead North Subdivison. The daughter is enrolled in the 4-H sheep project in which youngsters care for and then exhibit lambs at the Kenosha County Fair.

For the last two years, the daughters has been traveling ot a sheep farm to care for her animals. Having the lambs at her own home would allow more time to be spent working with the animals, Bonogofsky said.

Bonogofsky said she talked to her nearest neighbors about the situation and they had no objection. However, board members felt it would be better to get some kind of statement from the neighbors in writing and they asked Bonogofsky to do so.

Supervisor Robert Gehring, a farmer by trade, had some insight about sheep that seemed to suggest they would not be too big of a nuisance in the neighborhood.

“I think one barking dog is worse than two sheep,” said Gehring regarding noise. He added that sheep feces are also relatively easy to deal with.

“I think you’d rather step in sheep feces than dog feces,” Gehring said.

Town Attorney Robert Hankel said the board could not just grant an exception to the current ordinance to allow the sheep on the the Bonogofsky, but would need to come up with an applicable amendment to the ordinance. He said he would come back to the board with such a change.

Bonogofsky had indicated a willingness to pay for any legal process needed, Chairman Bob Stoll said.


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