Wheatland will consider regulating ice motorcycles — later

lilly-lakeAn agenda item for discussing recent motorcycling on the ice of Lilly Lake drew about 30 audience members to the Wheatland Town Board meeting Monday night.

But while there indeed was some discussion, there was no action that would put the matter to rest for this season. Instead,  town Chairman Bill Glembocki said he would prefer to work on an ordinance as a top priority of the new board to be seated after the April 2 election. The current board has one open seat after the death of Bob Herda on Dec. 7.

“There’s nothing we can do this winter,” Glembocki said. “There is no doubt in my mind by next season we’ll have something in place.”

With recent substantial ice on Lily Lake, motorcycles, using bikes with special spiked tires and other adaptations, have driven around on the lake mostly on weekends.

Some residents speaking at the meeting complained about the noise of the activity, which they characterized as much louder than boat and personal water craft activity on the lake in the summer.

Some of the motorcyclists were also present to defend the activity as safe and considerate of lake residents as far as noise.

Town attorney Jeff Davison discussed the process for enacting any regulation on the lake.

While there is some dispute as to who has authority over recreational activities on ice-bound lakes, Davison said his experience representing several municipalities is that the regional state Department of Natural Resources office feels the DNR has jurisdiction. Therefore, any law passed by Wheatland would have to be approved by the DNR as well. Davison estimated that to be a 60-day process.

Glembocki said that starting the process  in April he would like to have an ordinance passed by October, well before ice would typically be on Lilly Lake.

Supevisor Andy Lois said he was at the lake during a recent ice motorcycle outing and the sound made an impression on him.

“It was pretty loud,” Lois said. “”I’m not against it but you’ve got to control it.” He said he favored designated hours or days for ice motorcycling so others — like skaters and ice fishermen — could also enjoy the lake.

In the meantime, town officials encouraged both sides of the dispute to meet and see if they could work out something acceptable to each side for this season.

Here is video of ice motorcycling that reportedly was recorded on Camp Lake in Salem:




  1. it is the decible level says:

    The sound levels are the issue and the constant tracking.
    Boats come and go. Snowmobiles come and go.
    But the ATVs, 3 and 4 wheelers and bikes go round and round and round and round for hours with straight pipes and decibles that exceed that of a snowmobile. Compound it with many vehicles and the decibles are astounding. DNR is amiss with the total lack of Frozen Water statutes. DNR is out of date when it comes to motorized vehicles of 2013. DNR is inconsistant with their effort to protect the environment and the animals when they let this ruckus prevail.

    When snow is on the ice, the berming created unsafe conditions at night for snow riders and the ice studs compromise the ice. Sanctioned only racing is the way to go so that public safety is fully aware of teh events. Good luck Wheatland. Good Luck Lily Lake.

  2. robert says:

    of course this is going to be a money issue for revinue purposes cant anyone see what is going to happen I mean do we need any more laws or ordinances
    our country has turned into a money “hell” and all you little board members are helping the loss of freedom! when i was growing up it was fun and now its a shame for all the youngsters due to one thing “greed” lets make a law that if you own a home worth over 200.000 and drive a vehicle that costs more than 30.000 that you are not eligible to make laws because you dont understand that not everyone can be a yuppie

  3. Matt says:

    Ice fishermen would probably like it best if they didn’t have this type of activity. I don’t think those who race these motorized bikes realize the effects it has on the ice fishing. Take your bikes to a trail or something where the belong, not on the lakes, especially if you can’t be curtious. Maybe put a muffler on those bikes, and if one can’t be put on, don’t drive it out there. Have a little respect. The lake is for fishing and other water related sports.

  4. are you serious? says:

    so, the lake is only for fishing then huh? they are not that loud, its not like there is a full size Harley running around out there.

  5. it is the decible level says:

    Robert hasnt tried to watch his favorit football game during the ice racing…
    Why hasnt BONG got a few wide open places for this?

    For those who think MONEY is in this, perhaps the fact that the DNR hasnt put any regulations of vehicles other than boats and snowmobiles might be MONEY based? ya think? The point is, there is a loophole in the statutes or inattentiveness by the DNR in the area that they are to monitor. When one talkes about MONEY, perhaps the Wheatland Volunteer FD and RESCUE should tell us about the MONEY being invested to Save the folks that could well go THRU the ice and then the cost of retrieving them when it actually occurs.
    Fisherman aside, jsut what is happening to the fish under these race areas? and to the flora under the ice that has been uncovered prematurely and aritifically? And what of the geese, ducks, and migratory birds who are pushed away by the decibals ?
    For those who mix the feds, with the county, with the town governments all in one basket…. you need to learn about municipality government and who can and cant do what.

    Any fool who takes a 30,000 machine on ice that is marginally think is just that.. a fool.

    As noted above, it is the decibels. Fix that and most of the issues that people bring up as reasons to complain will disapppear.

    As a small suggestion: Complainers should be taking pics of transport vehicles and their plates. I’d offer that most are not from Wisconsin.

  6. it is the decible level says:

    And WHY doesnt BONG open up their ice to this or even MAKE areas for this? I wonder?

  7. Local says:


    I love our lake as much as anyone.

    These fellows who are riding on the lakes are causing harm to no one. They are just having good clean fun. There are no trails open for motorcycles or atvs available in the wintertime (example: Bong Recreation Park). Also, the guys are not running with “staight pipes” like an earlier person wrote. Lastly, there has not been one study that shows that ice riding on lakes have any ill-effect on aquatic life or otherwise, unlike boats with motors or personal watercraft.

    To the riders: Please do not ride in the early morning or in the early evening when people enjoy their dinners. Thank you.

    Please, give these guys a break and let them have some fun.

  8. are you serious? says:

    thank you, not for standing up for this, but for being a realist and understanding that winter sports go further than ice fishing.

  9. Come on says:

    I agree with “Local”. And for the person above who said they are “fools” to take a $30,000 machine on the ice? Really? What about cars/trucks on the lake for the ice fisherman…are they “fools” too. The lakes are for everyone to enjoy. If you can’t hear your football game, turn the volume up. The lakes aren’t frozen 12 months out of the year. 4 weeks or so is all you have to deal with. Lake owners always want to live on a lake, but then somehow tend to complain about lake activities (as they have done in Powers Lake when they wanted to have certain days of the month be ‘non motorized’ boat days). Just wait – don’t think it won’t/can’t happen. Wait until they day an activity that YOU enjoy comes under fire. WAit until the lake front property owners no longer want to look at your ice shantys.

  10. Come on says:

    Oh and, “ice studs compromise the ice”. THat is hilarious. Because those holes that ice fisherman drill in the ice dont? What about ice skates?? Hmm. Grasping at straws obviously! So transparent.

  11. jeff zizzo says:

    Would you rather have kids saving money for motorcycles or sitting in the basement doing drugs and playing video games.Probably the basement until they pick harder drugs and start breaking into houses to support it. There used to be little spots to ride allover but now everyone complains about noise or safety and gets them shut down.Maybee the town should start a needle exchange program it would be safe and quiet.

  12. Ice rider says:

    Hello. I’m one of the guys that likes to come out and ride around on the ice.

    Has anyone considered coming out and talking to us? We’re a nice bunch of people, just trying to have a little fun with our friends on the weekend. We stay clear of the fishing shanties and move to a different part of the lake when asked like at Camp Lake on January 6th.

    Yeah, some of us don’t live in your communtities. But we’re happy to spend our money in your gas stations and restaurants. Isn’t it possible for us to come to some kind of agreement that will make everyone happy?

  13. local resident says:

    These are friends & family oriented riders , fathers ,mothers, son’s & daughters that spend there family time together doing what they like to do in the winter . Some family’s go hunting , fishing , skating, sledding ,snowmobiling ,skiing , ect…

    Does anybody know of a local area in Kenosha county where they can ride , i’m sure they would be more than happy to go there & ride also .
    Safety is the biggest concern with the ice riders , Also thickness of ice to be safe , and lily lake is smaller & shallow , so it freezes faster for thicker ice . As of now Bong doesn’t have any riding in the winter . Any other suggestions where to ride might be helpful ?

  14. doc20002001 says:

    heres some pics of homemade inserts – theres no excuse why guys who ride cant fab one of these up and run it in their bikes.



  15. doc20002001 says:

    if the guy in that video # 57 thinks that bikes sound is acceptable he might need to rethink his position. either that bike or the guy filmings bike is obnoxious – cork that crap up i dont think anyone will miss a few extra hp getting lost to a insert!

  16. Resident says:

    I live on a lake that has ice bikes that race, I have recorded videos, in my living room with all windows and doors shut with decibel readings from 95-100dbs, this is crazy loud. The bikers were having races the other day 10 motorcycles at a time; the noise is disturbing. I’m not saying it should be illegal, but they should have some basic guidelines. In the summer the lake restricts us to driving wake speed from 10-7, and restricts sound to a mandatory 85dbs or less. There is no oversight for motorcycles. They have been out as early as 8am, and have been heard all 7 days of the week. If its good for boats it’s good for motorbikes, lets just get some basic laws.

  17. Jane Wozinski says:

    First off, whoever wrote that if you make over $200,000 a year and drive a $30,000 car shouldn’t make laws is crazy and ignorant. It’s called an education and HARD work. We have worked tirelessly and gone to school for many years, do not make assumptions about people who try to better themselves and make a descent living for themselves and their family. The noise that the motor bikes put off is obnoxious. When these riders are out the lake cannot be used by anyone else-not ice fisherman, skaters, ice hockey players, dogs and families that just want to enjoy the lake and walk around. It is a ridiculous sport, in my opinion. Motor bikes were intended for dirt not ice! That being said. I don’t think it should be banned. It’s not my interest but I can respect that others enjoy it. I realize that I do not like nor understand this hobby, but it should be regulated. It cannot be compared to boating! Most boats on our lake are pontoons and a few speed boats. The “noise” the boats but out is nice summer background noise. If I wanted to listen to bikes race I would have bought a home by a race track. Like I said, I can tolerate it but there should be noise, speed and time restrictions. Just food for thought, how would you like if you lived in a quiet neighborhood and a someone just decided to drive their loud motorcycle around the block over and over again…you would think twice if you had to listen to that all the time.

  18. Ice rider says:

    Resident, is there any way you could share those videos with us? Post them on YouTube or something similar? That would really help the discussion.

    Thank you.

  19. doc20002001 says:

    Like i said ice riders, quiet your bikes down or we are all done, you need to have it at a maximum of 3/4″ dia on the exhaust opening, 1/2″ is optimum and angle it down or just by a two stroke for ice. spread this to your other buddys!

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