Twin Lakes trustee proposes sidewalk for East Lakeshore Drive

Twin Lakes village Trustee Kevin Fitzgerald will be looking into the possibilities of establishing some sort of pedestrian friendly path — a sidewalk or maybe an extension of the road surface — along East Lakeshore Drive.

Fitzgerald brought up the walkway at Monday’s Village Board Committee of the Whole meeting,. Right off, he acknowledged that the proposal is a tricky proposition due to already infringed right of way and the cost and who would bear it.

But Fitzgerald believes there is a need.

“There are a lot of people who walk it,” Fitzgerald said.

The street, also designated as Highway EM, is a county highway, and out of the village’s jurisdiction for improvements. But Fitzgerald has talked to the county highway department leaders and believes something could be worked out, perhaps to coincide with the next time the road is repaired, which he did not see happening for at least three years. But the village would likely have to provide the funding as “the county doesn’t do sidewalks,” Fitzgerald said.

Fitzgerald expressed a desire to assess public opinion on the project, especially from those likely to bear the cost — property owners along the road.

“Is there really a want?” Fitzgerald asked. A way of gathering public opinion was not settled on Monday.

Trustee Aaron Karow pointed out that in many instances the county is extending the paving on roads to include bike lanes on the ends and that perhaps this might be the best solution for East Lakeshore Drive where possible, instead of a formal sidewalk.

Village administrator Jennifer Pollit said some grant opportunities, such as those that fund safer ways for children to get to school, might be applicable.

Fitzgerald asked for and received the go ahead to further explore the topic and report back.

“Take the ball and run with it, Kevin,” President Howard Skinner said.


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