Silver Lake approves 26 new stop sign locations

Photo by Billy Alexander via stock.xchng

Illustration by Billy Alexander via stock.xchng

The Silver Lake Village Board has approved 26 new stop sign placements along village roads.

The stop signs were recommended by the Silver Lake Police Department, said Trustee Pat Dunn, who is the chairman of the Public Works and Buildings Committee. Many of the placements are at T-intersections or intersections that have visibility problems.

Here’s a complete list of the sign locations.

Dunn said the village’s public works department will begin installing the signs as possible.



  1. Matt says:

    26 new signs? Are they just looking to give the village employees something to do? What is the cost of these signs? Village police will now have something new to do also!

  2. Allen says:

    Matt…… you live in Silver lake? If you have for any extended period of time you would know that they are needed in the locations that are listed. Some of these intersections dont have any traffic signs at all. Take a drive around to the intersections listed, you will wonder why there has never been a stop sign there in the first place…

  3. are you serious? says:


    most people have the common sense to stop at a “T” intersection and look for oncoming traffic, so no sign was needed. Now that the village cant seem to draw any more money in, they devise a plan to get income from the police sitting at intersections waiting like sharks in the water for someone to not stop for 3 seconds like the law dictates.

  4. Autorotate50 says:

    are you serious,

    Go on a ride-along with the police and you will see how uncommon “common sense” is in this village. Waiting like sharks in the water for someone to not stop for three seconds? Nonsense…. It appears that you are lacking “common sense” in this matter.

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