Twin Lakes, Brighton, Paris elections all uncontested

Photo by Kristen Price via stock.xchng

Photo by Kristen Price via stock.xchng

Three Western Kenosha County municipalities will have no contests on the ballot for the spring election on April 2.

The deadline for filing candidacy papers was today at 5 p.m.

Municipalities where there will be no contests are:

  • Twin Lakes — Only incumbents filed: Village President Howard Skinner and Trustees Kevin Fitzgerald, Aaron Karow and Sharon Bower.
  • Paris — Only incumbents filed: Chairman Virgil Gentz, Clerk-Treasurer Beverly McCumber and Supervisors Ron Kammerzelt and Ken Monson.
  • Brighton — Only one candidate per office filed: Incumbent Chairman Dave DeVito, Supervisor #1 Charlene Brandes, incumbent Supervisor #2 Edward Wagner and incumbent Clerk-Treasurer Linda Perona.


  1. resident says:

    Too bad for the Paris residents. It’s not because of apathy – it’s because of lack of information being given to the people. Still time for considering write-in candidates!

  2. Nothing new to see here. says:

    Too bad indeed. Unless a write in shows up in force we are in for 2 more years of secrecy and condescending attitudes. Too bad NW Mike is too busy attacking good people at the school to spend his time watching the Town operate for a while. They need an aggressive, single minded, budget conscious person to get control or bye-bye Paris as we know it. Unfortunately it will take someone with a lot of time on their hands. (Like him). Or?????

  3. resident says:

    Unbelievable!!!!! The New Year is only 14 days old and already they’ve got their little secret crap starting! It looks as though we’re getting something new along I94 (as if THEY didn’t already approve it), and they’re having a informational meeting TODAY at 4:00 pm!!! MOST people are WORKING at that time. What the heck??? According to the agenda there won’t be any action taken at the meeting – no, probably not – because they’ve already heard all of this before, at those “special closed” meetings, right? Now that they know that no one is running against them, it’s going to be back to “business as usual” in the Town of Paris. Totally unbelievable!

  4. Nothing new to see here. says:

    Believe it. Write ins are still possible.

  5. resident says:

    WOW!!! Here we are – seven months later and the illegal meetings are STILL happening. The best part??? The meeting is on the SAME SUBJECT as it was in January! Unbelievable – I’m really surprised that the District Attorney is allowing this crap.

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