Ashmus official non-candidate for Paris School Board

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Paris School Board member Lisa Ashmus has filed non-candidacy papers for the Paris School Board of Education, district administrator Roger Gahart has announced.

Ashmus has been saying publicly she intended to not run for re-election in April, but filing the non-candidacy notification makes it official.

The other incumbent, Deanna Krumm, did not file non-candidacy.

Those wishing to run for school board have until Jan. 2 to gather petition signatures and file the required paperwork.



  1. Northwestern Mike says:

    It only took ten days and some scathing emails to school officials to make an announcement that should have been made December 21.
    Lousy job.

    Knowing this information does matter. Just like you did, residents would rather run unopposed.

    Just a little withholding of information. Who does it benefit?

    Just because by law you don’t have to make an announcement doesn’t mean you should not!!

  2. You need facts says:

    Can one assume this is the same Mike making the same ill-informed comments earlier? I’m not even clear if you’re complaining about West of the I, Paris School, or Lisa Ashmus to be honest with you. I’m not in the Paris district and don’t know these people involved, so I have no personal stake and no one to defend or protect. But I’m tired of ill-informed people bashing schools, administrators, Boards, and WotI. Come on man, learn the process before making these comments and you’ll see no one benefits from what you’re accusing them of.

    If you’re bashing Ashmus, per the report she has been publicly stating her non-candidacy. If she filed late, and I don’t know if she did, she doesn’t benefit because there are state provisions that kick in extending the deadline for interested candidates to file. So even if her intent was to withhold info it doesn’t work.

    If you’re bashing the Administrator, he doesn’t benefit from withholding this info as her paperwork doesn’t prevent anyone from running. Did you also consider the deadline to file was 5pm on the day school closed for the holidays. The filing could have occurred after the school closed and the Administrator was gone for the holidays, who knows. She may have filed late and he just received it, who knows. And that’s my point… who knows… clearly you don’t but you’re willing to bash and send “scathing” emails (your words) based on NO FACTS!!!

    And if you’re bashing West of the I, they can only report what they know. While schools are closed I’m sure their sources are quite limited. I point out that there’s no news about non-candidacy posted regarding Bristol, Central High School, Randall, Riverview, Salem, Trevor-Wilmot, or Wilmot High School. Doesn’t look like a conspiracy is afoot at West of the I regarding Paris School.

    NWM, you’re assuming the worst without having any info. No one that you accuse of withholding info benefits in the least, and if you understood the process you’d understand that. If you’re waiting to make a decision to run based on the hope you’ll be unopposed, do you understand that you won’t know who has filed candidacy papers to run until after the deadline to file??? So again, the Ashmus paperwork is irrelevant as that only eliminates one potential candidate.

    I wish the Paris District the best of luck!!!

  3. Northwestern Mike says:

    Just checking biases, are you an Open Enrollment parent to Paris?

    Have you considered it is not about the one that filed the non-candidacy papers, but the one that did not? Just checking. There is an advantage there, if this information is not shared. There is also an advantage in letting the public believe the incumbents are rerunning to those that know this information and don’t want others to know. Actually, I have done my homework.

    As I have run for office I am well aware of the deadline and the significance.

    Irregardless of vacation, an email on December 21 is all it would take to notify the public. That’s all it took to notify Westofthei after ten days.

  4. You need facts says:

    Not involved in Paris school in any way. I have no bias and no dog in the fight and just trying to set the record straight regarding this type of activity. It seems very likely that your “scathing” emails to the school and rants on this site were completely unfair. Again I point out that very few schools have announced this type of info at all, but I don’t think there’s dastardly reasons behind it. Good luck to you and Paris.

  5. Northwestern Mike says:

    As you said you are not involved in any way and I have been involved since the first failed referendum in 2009.

    With what I have learned I am sure many of my ‘rants’ are justified.

    I also have two dogs and a dog in the fight.

  6. Oh Boy says:

    Dear Mike,

    Stop blowing this out of proportion, it’s ok. We made it through “the end of the world” and I think we can make it through this, life will go on I promise you. And just a reality check for you, when you ran for the board you, and your opponent, both ran as write-in’s because you did not get your papers together. Therefore I see no reason for you to be this upset. Happy New Year!

  7. Oh Boy says:

    Dear Mike,

    Stop blowing everything out of proportion, it will all be ok I promise. We got through “the end of the world” and I don’t think this will make the world end either. Just a quick reality check for you. When you ran for the board, you, and your opponent, both had to file as write-in candidates because you didn’t get your paperwork together, so I don’t feel you need to be having a hissy fit about this. Before you holler and scream at everyone else realize your own short comings. Happy New Year.

  8. Northwestern Mike says:

    Dear Groupie,

    Just for a reality check, I was well aware of the deadline and chose to see who would run. After a return phone call from the first write-in candidate I chose to run. I still had to fill out the paperwork to run I just did not need to make the January deadline.

    For the two Joans I made sure their papers were filed in time to make the deadline.

    ‘The end of the world’ might not happen, but I would wager that with the two that are running a referendum in the future will be necessary again to bail out the school finances.

    Open Enrollment revenue of $7K does not cover the cost per student of $12.5K.

    You may consider it a short coming, but not being a school groupie I consider as an asset. Having a basic understanding of school finance should be a requirement for the job. The concept that you don’t spend more than you take in is also essential. The current school majority fails that.

    Imagine members spending a surplus that does not exist and their surprise when the surplus turns into a deficit. Whose job is it to assure the accuracy of the budget? Do you renew employee contracts without doing a performance review?

    Food for thought!

  9. Northwestern Mike says:

    Dear Groupie,

    ‘Hissy fit’, ‘holler and scream’ sounds like terms you have been accused of and are familiar with. They sound like they apply to a women who might have children. I could think of a few they would apply to. I seem to recall a recent Annual Meeting where I witnessed what I would call a ‘hissy fit’.

    Those do NOT describe me nor has anyone who knows me well said those to me. I stated with no emotion failures of leadership and the possible ramifications. They seem to have come to pass.

    “Just because by law you don’t have to make an announcement doesn’t mean you should not!!”

  10. Nothing new to see here. says:

    Mike: please see Town of Paris board actions. They actually have broken the law for years. Lots of school problems would be resolved if the board had a clue. Get em’

  11. resident says:

    I haven’t been on the website for a while, but, WOW!! I have a couple of issues with this.
    #1 Mike – you say that you have become involved since the referendum in 2009? Where were you before that? I think you’ve said that you’ve lived in the Town for quite some time. Why the “sudden” concern?
    #2 Mike – you state that “I made sure their papers were filed” (regarding the two Joans). Why in the heck would it be up to YOU to make sure anything of theirs is filed??? Aren’t both of those ladies big girls?

    Hey Mike – pay close attention to “Nothing new to see here”. What he/she states is true – it’s been in the papers – the Paris town board has broken laws but no one seems to care. They’ve got a surplus in the bank, yet they spent more this year in the town budget AND made the residents pay a portion of their taxes. That doesn’t bother you? But, a school board member being “late” in turning in non-candidacy forms makes you flip out?
    I have watched and listened to you attack very good school board members in the past four years – all women. Is THAT why you don’t question the Town Board… because they’re all guys???

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