Lakewood School Board incumbents file non-candidacy notices

Both incumbents in the Twin Lakes District #4 – Lakewood School Spring Election have filed notices of non-candidacy.

The incumbents were Carey Kuhlmey and Barabara Chapman. Kuhlmey is the current board celrk and made the announcement.

Candidacy filing forms are available in the school office and through the Clerk until the deadline of 5 pm on Wednesday, Jan 2 at Lakewood School. You may contact Lakewood at 262-877-2148 or Carey Kuhlmey at 262-492-9020 to make arrangements for filing. The clerk will be at the school on Wednesday Jan from 3:30 – 5:00 pm for last minute submissions.



  1. Mike Cavalenes says:

    Where are the non-candidacy announcement from Paris and the other communities? The information was available December 21 and the deadline for candidacy announcements is January 2. This public information has not been reported on and does not allow any time for someone who wants to run for office. Please publish this information even if you have to email administrators to get it.

  2. What?? says:

    What did you say? That not ‘reporting’ who has and who hasn’t filed candidacy papers will determine if you or someone else wants to run for office?
    Think about that sentence for a minute. If someone has or had a sincere interest in running for office on a school board or any town position you would think that while looking to see who your opponents will be might be is a factor, leaving it up to the media to do your leg work is laziness of the first order. Anyone who wants to run would already have been a part of the process long before election time. They would have or should have been going to meetings as a concerned citizen to keep up and be aware of how things have been going. They also would have talked to the people up for re-election and found out which way they were leaning. They would also want to assess if the people that they would be running against are people that they want off of the board or are people that they think are good at their positions.
    Blaming the media for your laziness to make a phone call or two is, well, just lazy.
    And anyone that is that lazy or out of touch is not someone that I would vote for anyway.

  3. Know the process! says:

    Couldn’t agree more with the reply to the first comment. Mike, know how the process works before you make ill-informed comments. The deadline to file was after school closed for the holidays so it’s possible the administrator and WestoftheI didn’t have the info. Its also possible the paperwork was filed after the 21st which protects those interested in running as that extends their deadline to file. The first reply above laid out their explanation well so i won’t restate it, but you’ve had since last april’s election to decide, not since Dec 21.

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