UPDATE: Smouldering at site of barn fire could continue through the week

Hay at the site of a barn fire in the 400 block of Highway Z in Randall on Friday evening could continue to smolder and produce smoke through this week, a Randall Fire Department spokesman said.

Here is the rest of the press statement released by Capt. Robert Stoll, Randall Fire Department public information officer:

… One of the barns was fully involved on FD arrival. There was also a milk house attached to this barn. Any live stock that was in the barn was moved before our arrival. I did not hear of any live stock loss or injury. The fire was brought under control quickly and contained. No fire extension to adjacent machine shed or silos. A large amount of hay was also involved. As with most barn fires of this type, a backhoe excavator was requested, in this case from Kerkman Brothers Construction. This will be used to pull apart and spread the hay bales while firefighters stand by with hand lines extinguishing each bucket load and fire pocket exposed. A big challenge faced was the weather. The wind was out of the WNW and at times was brisk, but did not cause any problems. Fire and smoke was pushed toward the open field and not to any structures. We got lucky with the wind. The temperature was another more significant factor. After the fire was initially under control, some of the hand lines operating needed to be disconnected to allow the cows to be moved and trailered off site. It was milking time for many of the cows. In reestablishing the handline operations some lengths needed to be replaced due to freezing shut. Water supply was by tanker shuttle as there are no hydrants nearby. A supply engine was located at the Powers Lake boat launch on 396th St. and was used to fill tenders (tankers) shuttling between the fire scene and water supply. A second and third engine operated at the fire scene drawing on water dropped into port-a-tanks by the tenders. Additional engines were part of the MABAS response and were on hand to replace any engines which became inoperable due to freezing. One Randall firefighter was injured by slipping on the ice and sustaining a shoulder injury. He was transported to the hospital by Twin Lakes Rescue and released. He is recuperating at home and will undergo additional testing. The one barn and milk house was a total loss. I do not know their dollar value. Cause is still (to my understanding) undetermined, but electrical is suspected. The MABAS system proved its self again. The additional apparatus and personnel brought in was needed and utilized. The last fire units cleared at approximatley 2:24 AM Saturday morning. We expect the hay to continue to smolder and produce smoke into next week.”

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