Salem approves contract with new garbage and recycling collector

The Salem Town Board approved a contract with a new garbage and recycling collection company at Monday’s Town Board meeting.

The new garbage collection company is John’s Disposal of Whitewater. Currently the town contracts with Veolia.

The John’s bid was $7 more per household than Veolia’s, but John’s also is providing every week recycling collection instead of every other week and will supply portable toilets for town parks and special events at no additional cost.

Perhaps the biggest change for residents will be the use of new garbage totes provided by John’s instead of the homeowner providing their own garbage containers. However, those new totes will not be delivered until spring, though John’s will take over garbage collection as of Jan. 1. In the meantime, garbage and recycling collection will continue with current containers.

The new uniform totes are needed so John’s can utilize its automated collection system that allows the totes to be emptied without the driver getting out of his truck.

Residents will now have to make sure all garbage is inside the tote, said town administrator Patrick Casey. Garbage and Recycling will have separate totes.

Every effort will be made to retain the current collection schedule, town Chairman Diann Tesar said.



  1. Jake says:

    We were able to put out recycle each week with Veolia. So now what happens if you have a large item to have removed….will you have to call and then be charged and extra FEE?! Veolia, was always there….was it that the town needed PeePee pots for no charge? and what happens IF you cannot get all the garbage into said container….ANOTHER FEE?!

  2. Jake says:

    I over looked the “free”portable toilets…. $7 per house hold should take care of that; no?

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